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4 min readFeb 23, 2016


Get over and under every project!

The excitement is building up as the launch of ProofHub Bolt is nearing. We have been getting a lot of queries from our customers. How does the new version look? What new features can they expect to get in Bolt? And, many more. Over the past couple of months, we have shared quite a lot of stuff on Medium about activities happening behind the scenes and where the development has reached.

Taking the next step forward, we’re here with a sneak peek into the look and feel of ProofHub Bolt. Check out the new project overview section in Bolt -

What’s new?

As you can clearly see, we've put together the details of project right on top in project overview. That’s what overview is for, right? You can get to know about the name of project, the date on which it was started, end date, a brief description of the project, and people involved in it. So, you can check everything and every person involved in the project from here in quick time. There’s no need to rush into each section to see what’s going on.

As we move downward you can see these beautiful boards, segregating different sections of the project. Tasks, Discussions, Notes, Timesheets, Events and Milestones, Files etc.; everything has been neatly demarcated into individual boards in the overview section. So, you can take a quick glance of whatever has happened within the project recently.

Not just aesthetically pleasing, but time saving as well!

Why the change?

Change is the only thing that’s constant in this world. And, we’ve always been huge advocate of change. With ProofHub Bolt our aim is not just to make project management easier, but to give people a tool which they love to use. This is why we have focused more on simplifying the processes, while still maintaining functionality of our earlier version. Once the tool hits the market, you will be able to judge it in a better way. But, for now take a look at the reasons why we changed the Overview section in Bolt -

  • Made for everyone

“A successful team is a group of many hands but one mind — Bill Bethel”

Bolt has been designed to make life easy for every person that uses it, be it a manager or a team member. If we talk in general, the ratio of project manager to the team members in any organization is always >or= 10. It is important for the managers to keep an eye on everything that’s happening in projects. But at the same time it is even more important that team members are able to access the tool with ease. So, we've created an overview section that fits well within the needs of both the managers as well as the subordinates.

Bolt is neither manager-centric nor employee-centric; it’s designed to simplify the work life of every individual using it. We've put together information that is important for both managers and the other team members in one screen. Managers don’t have to take a deeper dig into the tool to keep a bird’s eye view on project activities. And, the team members can jump to individual sections of the project and start working right away.

  • Easy segregation of information
Boards for every section to segregate information

Just tell me, if you are given an option to search for something from a stack of files scattered everywhere or from a library of files arranged systematically, which one would you choose? The answer is quite obvious — from the library of files arranged in an orderly manner. Right? No one likes to access cluttered information. This is what we've given you in the project overview here. You can see that all the sections have been segmented into beautiful, visually pleasing and well organized boards. So your work won’t have to wait!

  • Free flowing design

Another thing that you would have noticed in the overview section is that the design is free flowing. We've kept the chat section floating on the right hand corner of the screen. In fact, not just in the overview section, but this goes for the entire tool. The reason behind this is simple; we didn't want to restrict or demarcate the usage area. Free flowing design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal in Bolt, but at the same time allows us to make the most of the space as well.

  • Important bits and pieces
Important bits and pieces

Apart from all these major segments in the overview section, you can notice that we've still maintained core features like Timeline, Manage and many more. Check out in the top right corner. We've just relocated it to a place where it sits beautifully without causing any hindrance in your work. Whenever you need to jump into all the things that have happened in the project, or need to track where things have reached so far, you can click on timeline and get all the information. Similarly you can manage the project from the Manage button.

The best part is that now you've got everything on one screen. So, you can peep into the project whenever you want from the project overview section. Or jump into a particular section in the project to get an in-depth look into it. Everything has become plain and simple!

So, what do you think of the all new Project Overview screen? Post your comments below or share your feedback with us here.



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