Why the name BOLT?

It’s been only a few months since we started working on the development of ProofHub Bolt. There’s so much work going behind the curtains and our development engines are running at full speed.

From the time we announced that we are coming with something bigger and better in the form of ProofHub Bolt, the response from you guys has been amazing so far. And, we’ve been getting a lot of emails from you guys about “What new is going to be added to the tool? How is it going to be different from the previous versions”. And many more.

In response to which we have been constantly sharing updates about the new features that we’ve added in the tool. There’s plenty of other stuff lined up in the list; and we will continue to share them with you from time to time.

And, in this post we are going to share with you the story behind why we chose to give the name — BOLT. Let’s dig into it

In the fast paced world that we live in today, speed defines everything. Everyone’s talking about speeding up the process, getting things done faster. With ProofHub we aim to give you just that!

Bolt has been designed to work faster than any of our previous versions.

Why the need for speed?

No one likes to wait for long to get things done. Especially when it comes to handling projects. Things turn out to be frustrating when projects are crawling at slow speed. But, when they pick up speed everyone is happy; be it managers, employees, management or the client..

ProofHub Bolt, with its advanced features and quick speed, will make sure you are able to channelize your energy into being more productive at work, as is the case with Starbolt who could channelize his energy to produce heat and light; from where we thought of naming it ProofHub Bolt! Not just that, you will able to perform activities at lightning quick speed, just like the supersonic speeds at which Starbolt can fly! So, Bolt is going to be the superhero that will always be there to save your day at work!

As quick as it is, ProofHub Bolt will make sure that the processes in projects are speeded up, things become quicker and projects get delivered faster.

How we did it?

We went through immense brainstorming on how we could make Bolt lightening fast. Making changes in the existing tool was one option as the technology we were using earlier was the best at that point of time. However, things have moved forward and better options have become available now. That’s why we chose to start from ground zero, and develop the tool completely from scratch so as to make sure it is quick, strikes like a thunderbolt, and will stay there in the coming years too.

Technically speaking, we’ve upgraded the system to the most advanced one that’s available in the market. So, you can expect the tool to be a lot faster than the earlier versions.

Less distractions; more productivity!

A cleaner, better, and most importantly faster project management and online collaboration experience, that’s what you can expect in this version! Our main motive behind launching the new version was to enhance the usability of the tool which would create a positive impact on the user experience. And, great user experience is what is going to make our project management tool stand out of the crowd!

Going after the speed — we’ve named it ProofHub BOLT!

So, are you up for it?

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