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Proof of Impact is Hiring: Impact Origination Associate

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Proof of Impact

At Proof of Impact, we are revolutionizing the impact industry. Our platform allows companies, institutions, and individuals to donate or invest directly into measurable impact, so that money can easily flow to the non-profits and social enterprises who are doing the most good. By weaving together cutting edge technologies including artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, and financial engineering, we are allowing people to come together to protect the health of our communities, our environment, and our planet.

The Position

Originating high-quality impact events globally is a critical component of the Proof of Impact product cycle. Origination involves identifying high impact origination partners, sourcing individual units of impact, designing practical verification methodologies to confirm that impact occurred, and providing the POI Product team with reliable inventory (i.e., verified impact data) for purchase among impact funders. Impact inventory can be sourced through partnerships with impact implementers or through individual/ decentralized models.

We are seeking an impact- and data-minded candidate with a proven operational record and the ability to design and execute complex, highly specific strategies that will involve partnerships with governments, nonprofits, and/ or companies globally. The candidate needs to have experience in frontier markets and a solid understanding of impact implementation, monitoring & evaluation, and technology-based data collection.

The successful candidate will:

  1. Manage the entire end-to-end process of data entry, cleaning, QA, and validation of all impact implementer submissions to POI;
  2. Ensure the highest integrity and reliability of impact data before sharing with funders
  3. Identify and pursue partnership opportunities with any organization or institution that can provide access to high-quality impact data;
  4. Manage partnerships and evolve Proof of Impact’s portfolio of partnerships as required by the company strategy;
  5. Design, develop, source and optimize data verification models;
  6. Focus on scalability and automation of verification models;
  7. Provide guidelines to product and marketing teams to ensure the best possible fit for each category of impact originated;
  8. Lead POIs business development strategies into the impact implementation sector;
  9. Articulate and test referral models and other cluster growth strategies for impact origination;

The requirements

  1. Build and manage relationships with relevant partners, including large Non-Profit Organizations and corporate as well as institutional or private funders;
  2. Plan and manage all elements of origination projects, from concept and idea generation through development, data management, production, and implementation;
  3. Define, plan and oversee the implementation on the ground (including emerging opportunities in India);
  4. Identify, analyze and resolve problems timeously;
  5. Manage all budgeting, costing and reporting for relevant projects;
  6. Design recommendations and solutions, and implement them effectively;
  7. Develop a partner management strategy and processes, from global and local perspectives;
  8. Articulate and champion a business development strategy with identification of priority prospects, action plan and budget;
  9. Support business and technical innovation and product improvements;

What else we’re looking for in our candidates:

  • Full alignment with POIs values: commitment to impact and positive change;
  • Passion for design thinking/ user experience;
  • Genuine interest and proven experience in underserved markets;
  • Experience or proven interest in performance-based financing models and/ or impact investing;
  • Tech savviness, a good understanding of tech in general — some familiarity with blockchain technology would be great;
  • Curious and creative;
  • A willingness to “get their hands dirty”;
  • The confidence to proactively grasp problems/challenges/opportunities even if they are not direct responsibilities;

Why you will love this job

  • You will have the ability to enact a clear and measurable positive change in the world by supporting and proliferating impact projects globally.
  • You will operate on the world stage. We are partnered with major players in the impact space, where together we are championing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • You will have autonomy and creative freedom to utilize your expertise and grow your career.
  • 100% remote. There is no commute. We operate in a highly collaborative and flexible remote work environment.
  • You will take a lead role in building a highly effective, collaborative, inclusive, and impact-oriented company culture.

The perks

You will belong to a global team that is mission-driven and evolving in a fast-paced environment. Our people are inspiring, ready to take on challenges, and will support you in working on an international scale impacting millions of users. They are also strong-willed and outspoken.

  • You will get a salary;
  • You’ll be part of an ambitious enterprise fully committed to exponential technologies;
  • As much flexibility and autonomy as you can handle;

Qualitative Measures in the first 6 months:

  • Assume full ownership of POI’s existing impact data management/validation system, and transition the system — in collaboration with the product team — to become fully automated, with minimal oversight from the Head of Origination.
  • Successfully manage the setup and implementation of at least one revenue-generating project in India. Success includes:
  • A clear implementation road map agreed with all stakeholders;
  • Quality of implementation — speed / processes / scoping / client satisfaction;
  • Ensure quality of events to be tokenized;
  • Successful client-facing data management system;
  • Develop at least one funder-facing product based on tokenized events;
  • Source, secure, and implement at least two other revenue-generating origination initiatives.

Important: In order to submit your application you need to fill in the form above. Responses to this form are your official application for this opportunity. There will be no emails, CV submission, or letters of intent. In this first phase, this is the only opportunity to present yourself and make it to the interview round. Take your time and provide thorough answers to all questions. Please be yourself and try to stay on topic.

Looking to make a difference in the fight against COVID-19 or build a comprehensive corporate sustainability program? Whether you’re an investor, corporation, or individual, you can directly fund, measure, and visualize verified impact today. Visit Proof of Impact to learn more.



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