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Proof Of Impact White Paper

This is an outdated post. Click here for a consolidated post on impact + blockchain

The Proof of Impact White Paper (legacy)

Impact is by and large invisible:

Those who want to fund it do not know if their money is put to work to achieve the impact they seek.

Those implementing impact have very few means of showing the progress towards the impact they achieved.

There is an opportunity to create a direct link between an impact event and its funding. We propose to do this by building a global marketplace for impact capital. We argue that this is the best way to connect impact outcomes to funding.

By combining emerging technology with transparency and financial engineering, we anticipate that impact can eventually transition from an impact lens to a tradable asset class thus improving both the amount and efficiency of investing in impact.

Click here for more on my thesis on Impact + Blockchain

I build businesses that create value for the world.

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A data intelligence platform that makes impact data accessible to maximize return on investment

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Iulian Circo

Full stack impact entrepreneur. 🚀

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