Email marketing for startups — 10 Best Email Marketing Tools

Artem Tunik
Aug 21, 2020 · 5 min read
Email marketing for startups — 10 Best Email Marketing Tools

Almost every startup founder, when promoting his product, tries to focus on marketing channels that do not entail excessive costs. This is especially essential with limited resources. Recent research by international consulting company McKinsey & Company has proved that email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in attracting new and retaining an existing audience. Email still stays one of those most powerful channels to generate revenue and develop client communication. It is also a budget digital strategy. However, quality email marketing tools for startups could be handy to unleash the potential of emails to the fullest.

Email marketing — what does it mean in the first place?

The promotion of the company’s products by email. Key elements of email marketing consist of a subscriber base, mailings preparation, advertising campaigns personalization, tracking performance. Apart from direct sales, mailing lists have other priority functions:

  • directing customers through all stages of the sales funnel;

The universal channel email marketing for startups is used by the B2B sector, online stores, service industries, web services, restaurants, and even show business.

How important is it to use a quality email marketing tool for a startup?

We can name at least 7 reasons why any startup needs the best free email marketing software for small business:

  1. High traffic. The quantity of popular social network accounts is three times less than the email accounts and traffic from them. The volume of messages sent daily to social networks is only 0.2% of the emails volume. If we talk about the client base of the channels compared, then the email subscribers belong exclusively to you, while your followers and fans belong to social networks. In addition, email subscribers are more loyal than social media users.

These are the reasons why we need the best email marketing services for startups. You are able to implement your tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible when using them.

What aspects should you pay attention to when choosing software for email marketing?

There are several important aspects to consider while choosing an instrument for email marketing:

  • the possibility to create interesting and memorable campaigns;

Next, we’ll talk about 10 premium platforms, and you can choose the best email marketing software for small businesses from them.

TOP 10 Email Marketing Platforms for Startups

Whether you are a successful businessman, an experienced marketer or a budding startup, take note of this list of services for effective email marketing:

  • Proofy — email address checker with a verification accuracy of 98.5%. An excellent solution for improving email deliverability and open rates. Comes with various tools for deep checking your contact list. It has a simple interface, you can work both from the panel on the developer’s site and in your corporate system by integrating the API function.

We also recommend services such as AWeber, GetResponse, and Mailchimp.

Optimal email marketing software for a startup

The choice of an agency for email marketing within the framework of launching and promoting a startup largely depends on the specifics of your project. In general, each of the above services deserves your attention. But we would like to recommend the top three: Proofy with their cool loyalty program and minimal prices, as well as Finder Expert and Remail, which can be used for both commerce and communication with customers.


If you want as many targeted and interested customers as possible to know about your startup, use the best email marketing service for small businesses. That way, you’re guaranteed to be able to turn email addresses into leads, emails into clicks to your website, email campaigns into sales, and your idea and business approach into profit. Good luck!


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