GUESS Originals x A$AP Rocky Collection “Reclaim Your Love” Teaser Video.

It is interesting being the grown-up that studies, observes and participates in “Youth Culture.” Even more interesting is seeing teens getting excited about brands from the era that you came of age in. This clip from Hype Beast & AWGE is a first look at A$AP Rocky’s collection with Guess Jeans. It is a blatant if not contrived appeal to the rebellious nature of youth — but it works.

It starts with a conspiracy to raid the Guess factory hatched at what must be a ditch party like the one from the movie “Juice” — with girls. I wonder if the audience it is aimed at feels understood by the creators or if they will be able to read the telegraphed play. Either way it is a much better presentation than simply styling A$AP Rocky in the brand and leveraging his celebrity.

Director of Photography Thuan Tran did a good job of composing shots that conveyed the intended edginess of the spot while at the same time progressing the story. This is only a teaser to the campaign so it will be interesting to see how they extend the narrative across all other social platforms.

Directed by Hype Beast x AWGE, Creative Direction: Paul Marciano, Producer: Matt Zolly, Director of Photography: Thuan Tran, Executive Producers: Jaqueline Ruggiero, Joe Encarnation
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