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Andrew Weston from Propellerhead, Kevin Leith from Auckland Transport, and Steve Alexander from Purple Shirt accept the award in Sydney.

Excellence In Public Sector at Australasian CX Awards

We were thrilled to celebrate our work with Auckland Transport at last week’s CX Awards in Sydney. The CX Awards benchmark and recognize Customer Experience excellence and innovation across Australia and New Zealand.

Auckland Transport came home with Excellence in Public Sector: The Citizen Experience, for work on Tertiary Student Concessions, and were also nominated for Best Use of Technology to Revolutionize CX — for the development and evolution of the AT Mobile App.

Applying design thinking and lean approaches, we have made a difference in the lives of Aucklanders. Developing GIS mapping tools has resulted in reduced waste internally and a better customer experience. Smart use of data and leveraging the AT Mobile app has reduced customer effort for thousands of Auckland students.

— Auckland Transport

Judges said this entry was a great example of technology, meets needs, meets design, meets customer focus. It demonstrated great problem framing, clearly articulating benefits and robust solutions. A great example of the practice and theory of CX.

Improving the Student Concession Experience

Concessions are an important part of public transport for students. Auckland Transport’s tertiary student concession application process, however, was forcing students to go through four different steps in order to obtain their concessions, of which three out of the four steps involved students queueing up at the university and at AT’s contact centers. Not only was this a sub-optimal customer experience, but also a large overhead on AT contact centers.

We embarked on a pilot with Auckland Transport to optimise the tertiary student concession application process. Discovery work via a series of workshops was undertaken in order to determine the necessary next steps for this work. We then successfully implemented a pilot with the University of Auckland, and implemented an automatic eligibility validation mechanism. The steps required to apply for a concession was reduced. Automatic eligibility validation was then rolled out for AUT University and Massey University.

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