Our Case Study on Building An Accessible Site Is Published By UX Collective ❤️

Recently, we undertook a journey of discovery. Our client, who is working on a portal for accessibility, needed a small initial site. Above all else, the site needed to be accessible.

We came on board to help, and in the process, learned things about our knowledge (or lack of) around building sites everyone can access.

Our Accessibility Advisor Sarv Taherian created a case study that documented what we learned, and were invited to publish it on the UX Collective’s Medium Publication— they have 360k followers! 😄

The work which has come out of this project is also forming the basis of company-wide accessibility guides and training, and it has made us reimagine how we design our code and digital interfaces.

You can take a look at our case study here: Our story on building an accessible, usable site: a technical perspective

Open-Sourcing Our App

In addition to our accessibility guides, we open-sourced the code, so anyone can take what we’ve done for their own projects.

Want to read more about our accessibility and user research journey?


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