Our Interview Process, And Getting Hired

Our company is made up of some of the brightest minds in New Zealand software development, and we believe life at Propellerhead is very rewarding.

Check out our recent work with Auckland Museum on their Linked Open Data Platform.

Working At Propellerhead

We believe you are most effective when given the room to move — when there are as few organisational layers as possible.


Our business is organised as a collection of teams. Each team is responsible for an agreed outcome and is free to determine how best to achieve that outcome.

Our Offices

We’re situated in the heart of Auckland, close to Victoria Park and the Viaduct, and have beautiful, open-plan offices.

Equal Opportunity Workplace

Propellerhead is a committed equal opportunity workplace regardless of race, gender, national origin, colour, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, or gender identity.

Finding The Right Fit (For Both Parties)

Our culture is critically important to us, so when interviewing candidates we’re careful to make sure the fit is right on both sides. We promise if you bring your real self, we’ll do the same. We highly value authenticity.

Interview Questions We May Ask

We love learning about you, and may ask a few of the following questions during an interview:

  • What you’re working on? Projects or products
  • What drives you?
  • Why do you come to work each day?
  • Why you like working with your current team, or why not?
  • How do you resolve conflicts?
  • Why you want to join our company?


If you progress through the first chat, we use a set of simple assessments to augment the process of getting to know you.

Meeting The Team

An interview with key team members is part of the interview process, as your fit within the team will have a direct influence on your enjoyment and success within Propellerhead.

Selecting The Right Candidates

There’s a particular set of markers to indicate whether someone would do well here.

Here For A Technical Interview?

As a software services company we are judged by;

  1. The quality of our code

And Finally, Why Would You Want To Work Here?

Here’s a quick breakdown to temp you to apply:

  1. We take influence from Holacracy, Agile, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking, and we build solutions in a series of small increments. Each iteration provides an opportunity for adaptation based on user behaviour and increasing insights.
  2. The projects you’ll be working on help millions of New Zealanders every day, and we have some exciting things in the pipeline.
  3. Central location, great offices, and top-notch coffee!
  4. Expect to be surrounded by some of New Zealand’s brightest minds.

Want To Work Here?

If we align with your values, take a look at current vacancies here.


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