Recognising Employee Skills With Our Own Digital Badging System

What’s A Digital Badge System Exactly?

Open Badges: A History

The Mozilla Foundation’s Open Badges.

“The Open Badges standard describes a method for packaging information about accomplishments, embedding it into portable image files such as a digital badge, and establishing an infrastructure for badge validation.”

You can take a look at IBM’s list of badges on their website.

Badge Set Details

‘Goal’ Skill Sets:

Issuing Badges:

Salary Increases:

Why Do We Think This Initiative Is So Important?

Recognising ability in a transparent way:

Helping to eliminate discrimination:

Professional development:

Salary increases:

The Technology We’re Using

Propellerhead Badges Web App: Internal

A page in the very first version of our badges app — the platform still has a long way to go!

Backpack: External

Mozilla’s Badges Backpack

Badging Systems and Holacracy

Our Badging System Roadmap

Building Your Own Open Badges System


Operations Lead @Propellerhead.

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