Recently, we undertook a journey of discovery. Our client, who is working on a portal for accessibility, needed a small initial site. Above all else, the site needed to be accessible.

We came on board to help, and in the process, learned things about our knowledge (or lack of) around building sites everyone can access.

Our Accessibility Advisor Sarv Taherian created a case study that documented what we learned, and were invited to publish it on the UX Collective’s Medium Publication— they have 360k followers! 😄

The work which has come out of this project is also forming the basis…

Image courtesy of ATEED.

In response to COVID-19, and the increasing need for passengers to make informed decisions about their safe travel, Auckland Transport and software vendor Propellerhead have introduced real-time occupancy levels into the official Auckland Transport travel planning app AT Mobile. Passengers can see occupancy levels on a bus or train at any given time.

After releasing the Live Occupancy feature in March, we’ve had interest from transport authorities from around the world. …

Photo by James Coleman.

We’ve worked on a number of meaningful initiatives for NZR, including a community app, the Japanese language version of, and a live-streaming platform.

New Zealand Rugby (NZR) is the governing body of rugby union in New Zealand. They lead, support, grow, and promote New Zealand’s national game by forming and managing our national teams, administrating national competitions, participating in international competitions and matches, and assisting community rugby throughout the country.

The All Blacks are New Zealand’s number one national rugby side and have rated among the best in the world for well over 100 years. Over the last few…

We helped Fintech startup BlinkPay with technical expertise and a working Proof of Concept to support their capital raising efforts.

BlinkPay is a startup changing the way consumer invoices are paid. Founded by Daniel Karehana, it is working on challenges never before overcome in New Zealand. Daniel has an impressive accounting and banking background, and had successfully navigated another Fintech company prior to forming BlinkPay.

The BlinkPay team chose to solve a seemingly simple problem — why is it so difficult to track your personal bill payments? Especially now, when everything is so easily available online. One of the main…

We worked with Starship to optimise their site for their three main user groups.

Starship Children’s Health is a dedicated paediatric healthcare service and major teaching centre, providing family-centred care to children and young people throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Starship’s website addresses the needs of three distinct user groups: clinicians needing treatment guidelines, patients needing more information, and support — people who want to contribute to the Starship Foundation.

While the website was well-trafficked, Starship was interested in improving the user experience in a number of areas to better serve each customer segment.

Our Approach

Our teams worked together…

Auckland Transport’s new and improved homepage layout went live last week. It’s the first part of the website's evolution, which is centred around creating better user journeys & an improved user-friendly website for AT customers.

These first two releases — the homepage and the Pay a Fine page — are now based on a template that consists of a collection of custom components, which are fully editable by content editors.

The revised layout reflects what users are often visiting the site for — planning journeys and checking disruption info, paying fines, topping up HOP cards and other transactions, finding information, and contacting Auckland Transport or providing feedback.

We’ve worked with Auckland Transport to release a major new feature to the AT Mobile app — showing users how many people are on a bus or train at any given time.

Under the Government’s Alert Level 4 restrictions, public transport can now only be used by those working in essential services, for medical reasons, to access essential services, including going to the supermarket, and to move essential goods. Around 15,000 essential trips are currently happening per day on average across Auckland Transports’s network.

This new feature helps these people travelling, allowing them to see if the recommended physical distancing…

Using agile and lean to optimise outcomes.

In Part 1 of this multi-part series, I discussed how we deliver enterprise-size software in small increments. In Part 2, we explore business environment constraints, and how an agile approach creates better outcomes.

At Propellerhead, we urge our clients to use less money, fewer people and shorter time frames in pursuit of less complex goals. To enable this, our large-scale engagements typically follow a lifecycle that has its roots in Agile, Lean, Lean Startup and Design Thinking.

We understand that in enterprises there are often multiple stakeholders and a number of challenges and opportunities that are presented.

The organisation must…

Our best successes have come from staying small and constraining resources.

We wanted to share a little about what makes our software development possible in this multi-part series. See below for case studies from clients such as Auckland Transport and Skinny, and take a look at ‘Part 2: Constraints’ here.

Achieving Better Outcomes With Less

We define big software builds as applications needed for thousands of staff, users, or stakeholders, usually with complex integrations with other systems.

The requirements can be met in a large number of combinations, and stakeholders need this software to improve and evolve over time.

Building large software systems for complex sets of requirements is something we’ve had a lot of experience…

Origins © Auckland War Memorial Museum Tamaki Paenga Hira

Two years ago, the Auckland War Memorial Museum embarked on a journey with us to share its rich collections with the world at large, hoping to reach more people, in more ways than through its website alone.

A platform was built that links to thousands of other such datasets using Linked Open Data, added to a global “knowledge commons.” It now reaches a worldwide audience.

For its subsequent contribution to open data, the Museum has recently been named alongside the BBC, the World Bank, and other global greats as an example of best practice for web standards.

I want to…

Propellerhead NZ

Our software powers some of the largest ideas in…

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