Image of a recent OMGTech! workshop, courtesy of OMGTech!

Why We’re Giving 27 Computers To OMGTech!

This news has also been released via a press release — you can take a look here.

At Propellerhead, we believe technology is critically important for shaping our world.

As a company who builds software for large organisations and millions of users, we are able to contribute firsthand to initiatives which are positively impacted by the use of technology.

We also care about helping the next generation build the future. Unfortunately for a lot of New Zealanders, they don’t even have access to the basic means of learning about technology, let alone the equipment to help build it. We believe much more can be done to help.

This is why entities like the charity OMGTech! are so important. They are actively helping Kiwi kids learn about and build technology, while also addressing disparities and removing barriers to digital education. We’re very pleased to report we’ve donated 27 laptops and various other computer hardware to OMGTech! to help with this mission.

A recent OMGTech! workshop. Image courtesy of OMGTech!

Founded in 2015 by Zoe Timbrell, Vaughan Rowsell and Rab Heath — with the help of Dr Michelle Dickinson — OMGTech! is doing great things.

Their aim is to reach 200,000 primary and intermediate-aged kids (as well as any parents, caregivers, teachers and family members) and give them the tools and knowledge to build the future.

With support from Spark, Huawei, Microsoft and others — we wanted to join the community helping this organisation. Our IT partner LANWorx also chipped in around 30 hours to refurbish each computer donated.

A recent OMGTech! workshop. Image by Paul Petch Photography

The computers are going towards a set of tech hubs in Ngaruawahia and Huntly being set up by the entity, and will enable potentially hundreds more children to learn to code. The hubs are due to be completed in the coming months.

OMGTech! embodies the ethos we at Propellerhead have about solving problems and creating digital futures. By connecting more young people with computers, especially those who may not otherwise have access to such, we hope to help inspire and enable them to grow into the innovative technology leaders the world needs more of.

Are you interested in joining us to help them? You can contact the team here.