Proper Words, Proper Places

the beauty of language

In Praise of Persona

How to begin, God once wondered. Not with a bang but a whimper. A garden, some forbidden fruit, some light entertainment. Dinner theater. The fall of man without ever lifting him very high. Before the beginning, though, as always, chaos. This inception, this precipice. Where the carrot dangles. Where white space bleeds black. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was…

The Politics of Destroying Language

At this moment, I the writer and you the reader are partaking in a banquet of language that we did not create—a system superimposed on our consciousness…

“Shakespeare Must Be a Black Girl”

Theories about the true identity of the author known as Shakespeare abound. Among those said by skeptics who might actually be the bard are contemporary playwright Christopher Marlowe; Sir Francis Bacon; the Earl of Oxford; a gay man; or perhaps rather than a single author, a collective including actors and various writers. Dozens more alternative theories…

I am not a very good writer

See, told you.

La Bête

When I was a very little girl, my mama read Beauty and the Beast to me for the first time. Or perhaps we read it together, me impatiently waiting at the end of each page, waiting for her to catch up as she read the words out loud.

At the end of the story, when Beauty kisses the Beast and he turns into the Prince, I began to cry. My mama stopped and asked me what was…

Tiny Machines

Write a new F(x)

Stories work as functions inside the brain. Something goes in, a process occurs, something comes out. The types of functions vary. The best…

Frozen Food

I am staring into my open freezer. Neither hungry nor depressed, I’m simply examining the collection which over the past two decades has come to dominate the space.

A Requiem for Rockaways: After the Deluge (an excerpt)

A mysterious island once appeared just off the southern coast of the Rockaways, like an Atlantis or a Lemuria risen out of the sea…

Le Jogging in Paris

Back when Nicolas Sarkozy was the French president, photographers would capture him jogging in a polo shirt with a security detail huffing along at his side. Many credit…

Proper Words, Proper Places
Proper Words, Proper Places

the beauty of language

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