Metahero’s Rebranding Story: A Streamlined, Innovative Look for the Future

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In 2022, we had the opportunity to meet with Metahero, a company specializing in hyper realistic 3d scanning and digitizing people for use in virtual reality. They wanted to revamp their brand identity and overall marketing strategy, and seeing they serve a yet untapped market, we gladly accepted the opportunity.

One of the biggest solutions that Metahero seeks to offer is its scanning technology. These scans can be utilized in a wide range of applications, from virtual reality and gaming to e‑commerce and healthcare. This unique value proposition is what drew our interest in collaborating with the Metahero team from the beginning.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Embracing New Horizons

Rebranding typically involves a lot of changes, and this was certainly the case for Metahero.

Over the past few years, there have been significant changes in the company’s structure and team. They felt they had hit a limit that was preventing them from developing and introducing new solutions. The negative patch they were experiencing was not helpful in growing the company, so they wanted to change their image.

The previous branding was very gaming-oriented, which could have deterred users from outside the crypto world and generated negative associations with their current business structure. The need to reach a wider audience coincided with the need to change the brand image. In order to collaborate with more reputable brands, they needed to create a better image for themselves. One of the keypoints requested for the rebrand was portraying a technology based lifestyle in the new branding, as most new use cases in the platform were built on this theme.

Metahero is a lifestyle brand.

Exploring Our Process

We love taking on each project as a unique challenge, as we understand that every client has their own individual needs. To kick off work on a particular project, we start with a brand sprint. Typically, brand sprints are done before creating a brand and visual identity. This allows us to thoroughly research the problem and get a clear understanding of our client’s desired communication and visual approach.

Once we have gathered all the information we need, we then dive into the creative process by putting together moodboards that help us narrow down the visual direction and clarify any details. This allowed us to stay focused on the project’s aesthetic goals and ensure that everyone involved is working together towards the same objective. Check out the following gif animation to see how our design process transformed over the course of our feedback sessions with Metahero.

Pictured above: Metahero’s journey to their newly rebranded logo

Shifting Gears To The Current Logo

Metahero’s new logo is a complete departure from the previous design as they wanted to move towards a significantly slicker look that fits right at home alongside other major tech brands.

At the heart of Metahero’s project are their impressive 3D scanners. These 3.5m high spherical cages, adorned with 96 high-end Sony cameras and futuristic lighting, serve as the gateway to digitizing human beings and transporting them into the digital world, which is the core business proposition of Metahero.

And so, the idea for the new logo was born.

Metahero’s new logo

We took inspiration from the side view of the Metahero scanner cages, mimicking what their clients will see as they enter the cage to get scanned. This stylized logo essentially represents the portal you step through when you enter the Metahero platform and are transported into another world.

The new logo perfectly captures the essence of the company’s focus on innovation and technology. It symbolizes the portal between the physical and digital worlds, highlighting the impressive work done by Metahero’s team. We are thrilled with the final product and are glad to see it so well received out in the world!

Electric Sparks And Vibrant Blues

We made sure to carefully consider every aspect of the rebranding effort for Metahero, from the logo design to the selection of colors and fonts, to ensure that the new visual identity accurately reflected the company’s values and mission. The new electric blue color was selected because it conveys the sense of modernity and cutting-edge technology, which aligns perfectly with Metahero’s focus on virtual reality and digital avatars.

While Metahero is well known within the crypto industry, it is also important that its branding stands alone in traditional markets as its technology is open to those both in and outside of the crypto space. This allows for a wide range of use cases, from e-commerce to gaming and even healthcare. Thus, the feel of the brand needed to upgrade to something that felt more professional and universal than its previous design.

Properly’s approach to the rebranding effort was to carefully craft a visual identity that retained a technological vibe while appealing to a broader audience. The result was a modern and sleek logo and color scheme that accurately represents Metahero’s vision and its focus on innovation and technology.

Metahero’s new color palette.

With a focus on the company’s core message of creating digital avatars and the innovative technology used to achieve this goal, Metahero’s new brand identity was rolled out with a comprehensive marketing campaign. The electric blue color was prominently featured throughout the campaign, establishing a strong visual identity for the brand.

Building The Brand & Visual Guide

In order to create a powerful and unique image for Metahero, we made sure to use design elements that were strong, mysterious, and alluring. We believed that the company needed to move away from its previous image, which had unfortunately stagnated over time and was beginning to appear dated. As one of the few scanning solutions that enables individuals to take accurate scans of their own bodies and visualize them in three dimensions, Metahero required a design that combined two font families and offered a range of advanced layouts. Our goal was to maintain a technological feel while also making it more accessible to those who are unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency world.

“Scrolling, scrolling.”

As a design agency, we take great pride in crafting well-thought-out and comprehensive design systems that simplify navigation for everyone involved in a project, from designers to developers to clients. We understand that every project is unique, which is why we tailor the elements of our design systems to meet each client’s specific needs. In the case of Metahero, we aimed to preserve the lifestyle-technology vibe that the company embodies. Thus, we developed a set of guidelines that covered font pairing, color usage, and component consistency, ensuring that the brand’s identity would remain consistent across both the website and the application.

Coming Up Next

The logo rebranding effort led by our studio has been a success for Metahero and we’re proud of that. The new visual identity, featuring a modern logo helps convey the company’s focus on innovation and technology.

The comprehensive marketing campaign has helped build awareness of the new brand identity and position Metahero as a leader in the field of digital avatars.

Stick around and keep your eyes open for the next edition of this blog series, where we cover the complete overhaul of Metahero’s website!

We’re excited to continue working on this project and bring our client’s vision to life!

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About Metahero

Metahero is a first of its kind, blockchain based project, aiming to deploy a global network of 3D scanning and modeling devices that can be used to create hyper realistic digital avatars with precise biometric measurements. Their platform also provides the software that allows those scans to be utilized in a wide range of applications, from virtual reality and gaming to e‑commerce and healthcare.

The first of their public scanners are set to go live this September in Warsaw, with further scanners also in the works as the project sets its sights on establishing locations in various major cities around the world.



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