The Hottest Question in Commercial Real Estate

Have you ever been so hot you felt like you couldn’t even move? You’re not alone. Business productivity gaps and property management mishaps lead to yearly declines in efficiency and revenue. For years, property managers and business owners in the United States have fought issues due to the summer’s warm weather.

If we want to properly prepare for the summer’s humidity and temperature, we must first be honest about the reality of the effect this season has on us.

If you’re already melting from the current heatwaves of summer, it’s not too late to make things right. Guarantee your own summer comfort by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is my office “summer-ready” today?
  • Am I ready for to battle the summer productivity slump?
  • Is your property ready for the wear and tear of battling the summer heat?

Here are a few cool, fool-proof ways to the defeat the heat:

Check meters for accuracy

Without fail, a big expense this summer will be air conditioning. Your firm should avoid getting cheated by your own energy equipment. If your firm houses data servers in your office like we do, you must protect them from heat damage at all costs. According to OpenXtra, server room temperatures should not dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and should not exceed 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re blasting A/C to keep those server rooms cool, chances are you’re being billed incorrectly for it. Click here to learn more about submeter tenant billing for supplemental equipment. Thousands of commercial office meters have inaccurate multipliers that end up overcharging tenants. When was the last time the property team double-checked their submeters? Send them this article for a quick-fix education which may save money and headaches.

Decrease your air conditioning run-time

To be comfortable and productive, occupants of a building need an indoor environment that matches. Whether you’re in an office building or a university library — running air conditioning for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is a thing of the past. Using the building’s equipment too much may damage the building’s air conditioning (and heating) capabilities.

If your air conditioning system is not functioning in its ideal state, your energy costs will increase. — Heidi Schwartz

Perfect your workplace’s air quality

Preventative maintenance is a crucial component in perfecting air quality. All HVAC units will need a thorough inspection to ensure proper working condition. Also, air filters should be clean if not then replaced to protect indoor air quality. Before the summer temperatures heat up, this is a crucial component of preventative maintenance.

People and Their Workplace Environments

There is no point to a commercial office building existing without any tenants to occupy it. Let’s go over the delicate relationship people play in their workplace environments.

Smart building technology empowers property teams to keep cool, save money, and satisfy occupants.

Are you missing out? Take a second, talk to the property team, and genuinely answer the hottest question in commercial real estate for yourself:

How cool is your property?

Let me know, I’m Ryan Dennis Live on Twitter as well. Have the best summer ever!