How Important is Curb Appeal?

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3 min readApr 9, 2018


Today I’ll be addressing a question that I get very often from my clients- “How important is curb appeal?

Let me go ahead and answer that question frankly- curb appeal is everything.

When it comes to shopping for a home, or really anything for that matter, first impressions count. To put it plain and simple- most buyers will judge a book by it’s cover.

What is curb appeal?

In the Real Estate industry, curb appeal refers to the value of a home’s exterior. It has to do with the visual attractiveness and initial appeal of a property from the outside. This means the condition of your yard, driveway, siding, landscaping and even your mailbox. If someone were to drive by your home or take a good look at it from the sidewalk out front, what would their reaction be? This is curb appeal- and having great curb appeal is crucial to the home-selling process.

Why is curb appeal important?

As Will Rogers put it- “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Buyers will form an impression of a home before even stepping foot inside. They’ve probably scrolled through photos of the home online, so they already have an idea of what to expect, but pulling up to the home and seeing it in person for the first time is an important moment in the decision making process. It can make or break a deal.

Think about selling your home like preparing for a job interview. Two candidates walk into an office- the first has more experience and is extremely qualified, but shows up with a stained wrinkly shirt and unruly hair. The second candidate, while much less experienced, has taken the time to iron his shirt, comb his hair and show up looking polished and professional. Who do you think has a better chance at landing the job? When you’re in a competition, first impressions are particularly important.

The same applies to homebuying. The buyer is the interviewer and is likely deciding between more than one property. If the buyer experiences negative feelings from the very beginning, those feelings are likely to stick around for the entirety of the showing. On the contrary, if a buyer is impressed immediately, they’re likely to be more excited about what’s inside.

You only have one shot to make an awesome first impression, so make sure to make it count.

Looking for tips on how to enhance your home’s curb appeal? Contact me today and ask away!