Astrological Prophecies for 2020 to 2030: The Great Awakening

Andrew Muller
Apr 7, 2020 · 23 min read

This article contains prophecies to inform the masses, of what to expect in the decade ahead. Expect revolutions of government, frequent natural disasters, looming food shortages, and mass deaths. All systems that reek of control will become dismantled by the end of the decade.

This is a time of great awakening. While some think the “World is ending,” COVID-19 is a deafening soundless dawn of a new beginning. There will be many uprooting events to come in the decade ahead. It is a time that compels us to contemplate our values, our life choices, and define who we are.

20 years ago the internet was still new, and cellphones were gaining popularity. Much has changed in technology since then. With regards to societal change, you can expect more to change in the next 15 years than in the last 60 years.

Think of this time as a warming-up phase, in which many souls will choose to leave the planet. The ones who stay, will have different values of what it means to be human. The coronavirus is only a small precursor of what’s to come.

Astrologically, this period is replete with upheaval of the highest order. The changes affect every arena of human collective consciousness.

By the end of the decade, our collective conscious aspirations will lean toward unity, compassion, and universal love. While the road taken may appear to be bumpy and troublesome, it is a removal of fear-based consciousness from our planet.

As an ill human body raises its body temperature to flush out viruses or bacteria. Planet earth is eradicating from its planes the fear-based beliefs and inequities that have plagued human existence for thousands of years. It may get worse before it gets better.

Painting Says: The More We Define Us vs Them, The Less We See The Magical Beauty
Painting Says: The More We Define Us vs Them, The Less We See The Magical Beauty
Unity Globe | Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7

This is a long article, and you are likely here for the predictions.
So, I will break it down into different sections for those who want to skip:

Section 1: Prophecies from 2020 to 2030
Section 2: What you can do
Section 3: The science behind it (separately linked)

SECTION 1: Predictions of the great change

Since WW2, generations of people have come to rely upon man-made ideas and lean on them as security. For example, health care for seniors, a seamless logistics of food supply, and the stock market. As the decade marches on, time will unravel vulnerabilities in our economic assumptions.

The ultimate lesson of this time will be of radical self-reliance. A marked shift will become noticeable. The masses will move away from the false security that government and bank accounts (paper money) have propped us up with . The inward journey of discovering our own spiritual truths amidst the chaos, will be the defining achievement of the collective consciousness of this decade.

While there will be deaths that appear to be preventable, such as from hunger or improper medical care, most deaths in the coming decade of 2020 to 2030 will be because of immune system failure.

The food shortage that is coming will cause further philosophical division, more on that later.

The cosmic shifts in consciousness will be the flushing out of fear, control, oppression, and negative human reactivity based on lower animalistic survival human instincts. While this will occur, those beings who relate to fear either as a victim or peddle in it through control as a politician or religious leader, will see their worlds begin to crash around them. Eventually they will submerge within the chaos of their own un-doings.

The fight or flight response within humans will have to be reconciled within us all. Embracing our fears, doing shadow work, and going through our crisis will shine clarity in our minds of our true strength and power as divine beings. Ultimately it is our hearts that will open, creating more creativity and psychic connections in our bodies.

I have separated out predictions in different categories, and this is by no means an exhaustive list of the changes we are here to experience:


The food crop shortage of 2021 and beyond, will begin to appear in the late Fall of 2020. Food supply chain inadequacies, along with climate change, will affect agricultural harvesting season. This will cause a serious shortage of food, and even fresh water around the globe.

The implications of this, is that there will be worldwide hunger. Sadly, the masses will have expectations of governments and rich corporations to come bail them out. These old systems will be completely overwhelmed and dysfunctional. Even something like a bread line will be seen, only as a luxury for developed countries.

The primary cause of souls leaving this earth will be rooted to immune system failure. What you put in your body will be of prime importance to your longevity and health. At first people will be give weight to the argument of eating meat, as well as considering a vegan diet. Yet, the primary concern with food, will manifest with regards to eating genetically modified food (GMOs).

75% of produce found in U.S. stores is genetically engineered. A non-organic apple is closer to poison for the immune system than most people realize. This is one of the reasons that a disproportionate amount of deaths from COVID-19 have occurred within the African American community. Many are under the poverty line, and their life-long reliance on processed foods and non-organic food is costing them their lives.

There will be great debates on how to feed the hungry. There will be those who will say the poor and hungry will be fed most economically by genetically altering the fruits and vegetables to produce a greater yield of food. And then, there will be those who follow their intuition, and will strongly prefer to eat and feed their loved one’s organic produce (GMO free), no matter how much it costs. Currently most of Western culture looks at more pricy organic produce with an eye-roll. That will change.

They will understand that the chemicals and poisons used to grow these GMO foods will harm the immune system. Keeping people fed only to have diseases ravage their bodies does no good in the long-term. In the beginning of the food shortage, the mainstream media will pitch the organic eating crowd as lunatics. Within a short time, as millions of people begin to pass away, it will be seen as insane to eat genetically modified foods.

For some, the pandemic coinciding with a food shortage, will be experienced as a one punch two punch. For others, it will be revival of importance on organic produce, GMO-free foods, and reducing waste. It is through this awareness that many cattle which were bred for meat consumption will be left to die in the fields, as the fields of grain and water that go to feed them for human meat consumption, will be seen as out of touch with humanity’s global needs for food.

In the decade of 2020 to 2030, it will not be seen as a luxury to consume meat. Instead, it will be similar to someone who smokes cigarettes, and then disposes the cigarette butte in a lake. In other words, they will be harming themselves and others through their actions. These people will not be taking Instagram pictures of their meat dishes; they will likely not publicize their meat-eating habits out of fear of angering others.

Eating meat is not evil, and some souls do require it for their sustenance for now. Those who will be living fulfilling spiritual lives may continue to eat meat for some time. But their animals will be fed properly and treated with love and respect. Within a short time, they too will stop eating meat. Their soul and body vibrations will inform their brains that it does not like the taste of meat anymore.

The cost of food and water will skyrocket. People will not buy anything they do not need anymore. More on the end of consumerism shortly.

Remember, your immune system is of utmost importance for your survival, as well as your emotional and mental health. While a vegan or vegetarian diet would be easier on your body, it is not necessary as of now to make any type of switch. Eat what your attracted to for the health of your body. For now, everything can be had in moderation.

Government and Politics:

EVERYTHING THAT IS CORRUPT IN THE WORLD WILL BE EXPOSED TO LIGHT. Governments hiding secrets for decades will suddenly have to deal with whistleblowers like never before. People will discover shocking truths hidden for years. The evidence was always there, but this type of disclosure will shock the masses. It will be another opportunity for awakening consciousness.

This will begin in the middle of 2020 and pick up steam toward the end of the year. There will be ongoing revelations that will shock the public in the coming years. It will make the #MeToo movement seem like child’s play. When the full extent of government responsibility is discovered within heinous crimes and cover-ups, people will revolt.

Remember, that US money is backed by the “Full faith and credit of the United States”. Well the US will have severe credit problems (as of this writing the US debt pile is 23 Trillion), and people will lose faith in the way the country is set up and by the secrets revealed by whistleblowers.

We will see the likes of a revolution in many countries. China specifically is ripe for it. The country is dominated by fear and oppression and its people will revolt. It will become increasingly harder for countries to collect taxes without major reforms.

Hierarchies will dissolve and synarchic systems or heterarchies, will be proposed as more efficient and compassionate. Businesses that are humanistic at their core mission, will thrive.

By 2025 when Neptune goes into Aries (first time since the American civil war), people will begin to sacrifice themselves for their ideals. There will be a total revolution by that point. Many of the outer slow-moving astrological planets will be at the same place they were in the 1770’s. Expect a total overthrow of government. Major social justice reforms will begin in January 2026 the likes which I cannot imagine. This is beyond racial and gender equality; this is about compassionate action.

You’ll know reform is underway when military soldiers will begin to question their superiors. They will begin to defect in droves. That will cause much of soul-searching of if nationalism is important.

Queen Alien Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7
Queen Alien Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7
Queen Alien Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7

Proof of Alien life, or extra-terrestrials (ET’s), will become revealed as the decade progresses. Some governments and institutions will not recover from the whistleblowers revelations of what the cover-ups were for, and who benefited from them. This is going to be a big reveal and will jolt the public. It will have people further questioning their own values of what is important and what is not. Religions will eventually be reformed from these revelations.

The mega-rich of our world will try to run to their safe places, but ultimately most of them will perish with strange diseases and other unusual occurrences that their money won’t save them with.

Medical System Crisis Overload:

Regardless of whether a country has universal medical care coverage or privately-owned insurance, the medical system will buckle and fail in response to the illnesses and strange bacteria and exotic viruses that will continue to propagate amongst the masses.

The doctors and health care workers will become increasingly overwhelmed with their responsibilities. Tough choices will need to be made on who to save and who to not. Many people will be turned away from hospitals, and people’s homes will become their deathbeds instead.

By 2030, immune systems of humans who are fear-based, will leave this planet in multitudes, as their physical bodies will not be able to sustain the new vibrational frequency of Earth. Consciousness is ascending, and those who are not ready to integrate their fears, will find a new soul lesson in a different reality. Some who will be at a high vibrational level already, will leave to assists souls still on Earth from the etheric and astral realms.

While the youth and elderly alike will be affected, it will be seen that in all the catastrophes the elderly will be affected most, as some of them have lived a fear-based life longer than the youth, and cannot acclimate to the new times we live in.

Religious extremists of all religions will also be significantly affected, as many of them are steeped in older fear-based limiting beliefs. Many in third world countries will vanish seemingly overnight, and it will be difficult to even count the dead. There will be estimations upon estimations, and nobody will really know the true numbers of those who disincarnate.

The cost of caring for the multiplying sick will reach enormous unsustainable amounts, and doctors will feel undervalued no matter what they are paid.

Changes in World Religions

Religion will be interesting to watch, as some religious folk will succumb to fear-based beliefs. Others, who are spiritual-religious types, may experience themselves as ‘saved’ during this time.

Eventually religious believers of all faiths will fulfill the Bible verse of separating the wheat from the chaff. The wheat being love and the chaff being fear. Out of this schism will birth the great founding of religion of what it is at its essence:

A framework founded in Love to assist souls on the path of soul ascension.

For example, Christianity will likely remove the cross as a religious icon, because Jesus’s life will not be seen as having anything to do with suffering or guilt anymore. Instead it will re-discover its roots again in the theme of universal love and acceptance. Jesus’s teachings have been severely distorted over the ages by those in power over the last 2000 years.

Judaism will rid itself of rigid Judaic legal systems and embrace a compassionate universal loving god concept which accepts all, and does not have any dualistic leanings of inferiority or superiority. Kabbalistic Jews will rekindle the light at the essence of their ancient teachings.

Islam will re-ignite its passion for life into compassion and it’s defining attributes will be mercy, justice, patience, and love of the stranger. Mystical Sufi Muslims will gain prestige and their teachings will spread widely.

In the East, Hinduism and Buddhism will be modified, and the country of India, which currently worships Western societal materialism, will once again become a country of seekers.

None of these religions that will survive, will have concepts of heaven and hell or reward and punishment. All their lower density teachings of separation, fear, guilt, or judgement will dissolve, and in their place new canons will arise. They will all co-exist beautifully, with respect for their individual differences, and each will be prouder than the next, for the way it co-exists and respects their neighbors’ religion.

Women will become leaders in all these religions, and that is how you will know the change has been activated within religion. The Divine Feminine, within men and women, will bask human consciousness like never before, and wisdom will return to the masses. Women leaders won’t dress like men or act like men, they will be beautiful representations of what a woman leader looks like.

The age of patriarchal fear-based controlling systems is sunsetting. The men stuck in control and inadequacy, will be floundering, and will try everything they can to sabotage this, but they will ultimately fail and be exposed.

Messiah King Queen Royalty Annointed Queen Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7
Messiah King Queen Royalty Annointed Queen Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7
Messiah Royalty Anointed Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7

With regards to a Messiah appearing during these times:
There certainly is the potential for a religious hero to appear in one or all of the faiths. They would be unification catalysts. Certainly, they will perform psychic healing phenomena.

It does not need to occur, but if the collective conscious believes that a messiah is necessary, then a soul, or group of souls will shine forth to accept the mantle to fill the void and propel the masses into the light. If that were to occur, the soul(s) would likely be rejected before being accepted. This is because they would not appear to physically or philosophically aligned with the 3rd density interpretation of ancient texts.

The End of Consumerism as We Know It

The time of people buying things they don’t need from ‘lifestyle’ brands is over. Brands will be focused on being “Life” brands, and not built around an aspirational lifestyle. Instead they will show off their features such as “This jacket doesn’t have to be washed with anything except water and will stay clean forever” or some other claims like that.

Instagram culture as we understand it today, will decline over the coming decade. Although those who check social media posts daily may not be able to actually feel the decline as quickly as others who are not consumed by glitzy pictures on a screen.

Many industries will vanish overnight — even billion dollar ones. Here is a good litmus test on whether an industry will undergo profound transformation:
Does the industry in question depend on maintaining an illusion of control?

Here are some for example: law firms, insurance companies, mortgage companies, stock brokerages, current banks…. The list of companies that peddle in marketing fear are over with. Any industry or company, that depends on the misfortune of others, or acts as a middleman of control (lawyers) — is over with.

There will still be money lending companies, but they will feature a different ethos than anything we have on the market today.

Severe Climate Change — Erratic Weather — Extreme Natural Disasters
This will be difficult to understand even while it is occurring, but the world is in for some real earth-shattering earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, and horrific hurricanes between 2020 and 2030.

There are some years that show a greater likelihood of these events occurring, but it is beyond the scope of this article for me to get super specific about this. I would be genuinely surprised if the 2020 and 2021 hurricane season here in the U.S. will not be catastrophic. Wildfires will continue annually in Australia and in California at an alarming pace.

Areas that have been temperate will become much colder, while other places that were cold will warm up. Agriculture will be affected for decades, and many will learn how to farm and till their own land. A great sharing of knowledge of new practices of growing produce will emerge during this time.

Animal Species Extinction
Humans are an interesting bunch; some pollute rivers and oceans without care. Others feel responsible for a dying species. In this new world, many species on a soul level will simply choose to leave earth. Some species will have their habitats destroyed by radical climate change.

While it may be sad to see such large amounts of animal species leaving the planet, this will be occurring for similar reasons humans will be:
Our Earth is now vibrating within 4th density, and those species that leave were more suited for 3rd density.

New Technology

Some sort of new internet will emerge in the decade of 2030 and beyond. Telepathy and other psychic phenomena will appear as the norm. This will be most evident within the children born after 2017. New modes of travel will arrive which will vastly supersede airplane travel times.

Eye See You | Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7
Eye See You | Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7
Eye See You | Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7

As the worlds dwindling resources of petroleum continues to decline, the fear-leaders in government and oil corporations will create discord. They will fight amongst themselves over these fossil fuels. Of course, in time, these people will disincarnate. The new technology harnessing the power of gravity and unseen forces within nature will be harnessed. Scarcity breeds more scarcity. The world is abundant in unlimited energy, and zero-point energy technology with be pursued successfully.

For example, saltwater from the oceans will be converted to fresh water with the help of new technology based on magnetics. New inventors will be able to showcase how their inventions can assist humanity, will get immediate funding toward their creations. As of now, many who showcase inventions that would decimate older industries get bought out by Big Oil or Big Pharma, so that their inventions do not affect the life cycle of these fear-driven corporations. Starting in 2022 we will begin to see new inventions that take us out of the post-modern phase of the last half century.

Until solar, wind, and electromagnetic power is firmly established globally, there will continue to be fighting over world resources.

Permaculture, hydroponics, new systems of converting waste into fertilizer, will all be part of the new world.

Spiritualists will use the internet to spread messages of good news, healing techniques, new methods of growing organic food, and other enlightened topics.

Quantum physics will join together with spirituality for a new field of understanding human consciousness potential. New machines and inventions will defy the current understanding of our laws of physics. Newton’s and Einstein’s findings will be overtaken by these free-thinking innovators.

Much of ecologically saving the earth is ironically done by large corporations. It’s one of those strange paradoxes of our times. Starbucks is saving the planet with “no more straws”. Plastic water bottle companies make the bottles with “recycled plastic.” While these half-noble attempts may have caught consumer interest, consumerism is as dead as it ever will be.

New inventions will figure out how to transform waste into matter we can use and then back into different waste which can be used in other ways. We will develop organic ecosystems of mass use that will ignite the passion of surviving humanity.


Education is a bright spot in the ongoing global changes. For decades, teachers were vastly underpaid relative to professions such as attorneys or financial professionals. This will change dramatically. At the time of this writing the world is seeing for the first time, because of covid-19, that children can be successfully educated from home with screen sharing apps.

Within the next decade, there will be brand new systems in which many children will be educated by teachers in specific subjects, that are in their own homes. This will allow for greater selection of parents selecting teachers, and the subjects, that they want their children to learn. For example, the parents of an 8th grader, may want their child to be taught yogic sciences, ayurvedic food knowledge, emotional clearing exercises, basics of quantum physics, healing techniques, or other topics not usually covered in an elementary school environment.

First the parents will choose the teachers and subjects, but more autonomy will be given to the the students themselves as they age. Students will follow their passions and inventions and innovation will be the outcome of this radical new educative matrix. We will see a renaissance in education. People will be selecting educators based on other parent and student reviews, and top educators across the world will be paid salaries rivaling top paid professionals in today’s world of 2020.

Word of mouth referrals of teachers, reading their five-star reviews (like shopping on Amazon), and the new selection of choosing what teachers in which subjects, will completely remake the landscape of education in all countries.

It will be an exciting time to be an authority on any subject, that parents would want their children to learn more about. Education will be seen as a top priority, and competitiveness in school test exams will be seen as an old-fashioned indicator of success.

Currency and Banking:
The fiat banking system is on decline and will implode out of its own creations of debt, and printing money. The fiat banking system is sometimes called the “fractional reserve system” and it is a controlling system built on an imbalance of power. It’s a clever controlling system built by banks and government, and it reeks of a system, in place today, that will be utterly torn apart by the changes in ascending consciousness.

I find it strange that even in these days of COVID-19, people are buying stocks that are based on gold or pharmaceutical companies. Act as if there will not be a stock market anymore. Act as if it goes poof, and it disappears. If you did, you would look around your home and assess what is truly valuable.

The entire system will be replaced, and while I have no idea if bitcoin or cryptocurrency will be the new money standard, I can tell you with certainty that the two most valuable resources will be:
1. Tillable land that you can grow food on in a rural area
2. Gold and silver

Paper money will one day be laughed at, and our children’s children will hear stories about how in the olden days people exchanged paper backed up by man-made institutions creating and controlling the worth of the currency.

Bartering will make a huge comeback. If you are a dentist and need food, you will surely have no problem, but others will really need to learn life skills that can be exchanged for services. Gold and silver prices will skyrocket to never-seen before prices.

Expect to see hyperinflation in the United States. For example, apples may cost $10 each.

Healers, Empaths, Spiritualists and Thrivers

In amidst of the chaos, 4th density humans will be forming spiritual communities in rural areas. The common theme amongst them all will be self-sufficiency through growing their own food, an understanding of peace and unconditional love, and respect for Earth and the environment.

These communities will be located far away from the cities and the forming of them will occur organically. In the coming decade more and more will receive intuitive impulses to leave the dense cities. Over the years to come, it will likely be unsafe to be in any major city, and the real estate values in the United States in places like New York City, will be worth far less than farmland in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee.

Healing with Love | Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7

Healers will be very in demand as many doctors, and the entire medical system, will be overloaded with patients. Holistic healing, and the belief in oneself to heal oneself, will ultimately be lifesaving. There will be many healers visiting unsafe areas to assist in compassionate assistance with raising the light of humans stuck within the matrix of fear. Many will see the light and choose an empowered compassionate existence over fear-based victimhood suffering.

Mental health institutions will become spiritual renewal centers. The love of spiritual health will pervade all of the world, and new interest will be given to all spiritual systems.

The Law of Attraction will become fact, and conscious creators will inherit the earth. With love and compassion to all beings, the age of control and ego will be drawing to a close.

A Spiritually Meaning Life is What Thrivers Will Have in Common

For some on earth this will be a time of survival, and for others it will be a time for thriving. Thrivers thrive in good times and bad. Those who choose to see this time period as the awakening in which it is, will reap the benefits of synchronistically finding others who align with their vibrational set point of loving beings.

Survivors depend on outside circumstances to define their sense of well-being. Many of them will be confused, as to why identifying themselves as victims, is not creating a mystical impetus of a savior to come save them. Instead they will disincarnate with time, some of them will join themselves to further fear by buying weapons and hoarding, while others will have spiritual awakenings and can join their ascended brothers and sisters in rural spiritual communities.

Those that will thrive in the coming times will have in common a shared belief in human kindness, compassion, and unconditional love. Globally this group of humans will appear to be out of touch with the mainstream masses of 2020, however by 2030 they will be a significant subtle minority or possibly even a majority of the public opinion. In spiritual terms, this group represents a 4th density state of human consciousness. By 2050, this group will coordinate within their own spiritual communities and become united in assisting humans in the path of spiritual ascension.

DNA Mutations
The DNA changes within those who shift their consciousness to joy, peace, love, and unity, will be visually different under a microscope from others. I think this article is long enough, but if there are comments on here asking for more information about this, I will post an edited update about it.

Section 2: What can you do?

  • Learn how to plant your own food and if possible secure even a small plot of land in a rural area. Land is now very cheap in those areas, and it will not always be so. Look for land that is at least 30 meters (98 feet) above sea level. In fact, if you currently live in a coastal area, sell the property now before 2022, because home values will drop, and it will become harder and harder to find buyers on the market for homes on the coast of any country.
  • Buy physical gold or silver coins in small denominations such as 1/10th of an ounce or 1/20th of an ounce for gold, and 1oz and 2oz coins for silver. Smaller denominations are more useful for trading when the time comes. Tell nobody that you purchased it, and keep it buried or in a super safe place on your own property. Do not keep it in a safety deposit box.
  • Raise the quality of your consciousness! If you don’t know how to meditate, don’t be discouraged. Check videos on YouTube and look for spiritual teachings that speak to you. As time goes you will be interested in different teachings along your journey. There is no wrong spirituality; when you want better for yourself the right materials, friends, and teachers appear.
  • Take the BEST care of your physical body and mental health. Learn how to treat yourself after being overwhelmed by any situation. Discover within yourself where you still care about what people think, and how that drives your decisions.
  • AWARENESS is the best gift you can have. Even if you are in denial about an addiction of any kind — coffee and Adderall count — then becoming aware when you imbibe in these vices. Taking them into your body with intent, makes all the difference. Physical exercise can be a walk before or after dinner. Nothing has to be regimented.
  • A person that truly loves themselves, takes excellent care of themself. We all have our shortcomings with this but becoming aware of where we are weak with our process and loving ourselves with compassion through it, is key here.
  • Learn techniques for embracing your fears and finding love within your heart. Find creative expressions for your feelings such as painting, writing, sewing, or any endeavor that ignites your passion. It is of utmost importance to face your fears and discover your own spiritual self that is empowered by your integrity.

I realize my predictions could trigger fear. That is not the purpose of this.
Big changes are upon us, and real change comes from within. Spirituality will be the new currency of the human condition. There will be tools to measure the spiritual potential of human beings, and the thirst for a better more fulfilling life will become the new norm.

A note about the mass deaths: By the time we reach 2030, we may see 40% to 60% of humanity leave Earth. Considering there are about 8 billion people on earth, I realize it seems unimaginable, but the amount of natural disasters and mass illness will be unprecedented relative to our recorded history.

All souls who die, at any time, always choose the moment of their death.

Even deaths that appear to be accidental, or murder victims, or children, ALL on a soul level, choose to leave this earth at the time that they do. I apologize if this rattles you, or if you lost a loved one at a time that you felt was too soon.

The souls that leave will ascend and possibly reincarnate to learn new life lessons. When death occurs, it is a primary lesson for the loved ones, not for the soul who chose to leave. If you are open to it, it can bring you comfort to know that our higher souls know what is best for our soul evolution and growth.

We are eternal beings, and those who react with fear and disgust to what I write, I ask you to look into yourself, and contemplate what the meaning of life is? Where do you come from? Where do you go? What’s the point of it all?

Contemplate not to discover quick answers, but to steep and bathe in the knowing of the way it intuitively makes you feel.

You are eternal. Something that was never born, can never die. You are a fragment of God consciousness experiencing itself in human form. There are countless ways on this path of ascension — there is no one religious or spiritual path. However, all paths have one common attribute:
Unconditional Love.

Together Eden Forms Around Our Love |Painting by Chava Rainbow | Follow her on IG: @havajava7

All that will occur in this time is for the purpose of UNITY, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, AND COMPASSION. These feelings can become activated instead of fear, despair, and depression. Together the world will dissolve borders, and cultural differences will be celebrated. Globally consciousness will get reacquainted with the divine feminine, and men and women will reflect the wisdom of peace and unity.

It is my fervent hope and knowing that this article will be read many times. This is a time of awakening. All crisis is an opportunity to discover who we really are. Through the twists and turns of this trying time, we will all discover, in one way or another, that we are LOVE.


If you have a scientific mind and are interested in the rational reasons behind what is coming, then please click here for the final section of this article.

I am an intuitive astrologer who loves humanity.
Illustrations were done by my best friend lover Chava.

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Andrew Muller

Written by

Psychic astrologer, fascinated at the intersection of astrology and humanity. IG: am_in_i_am Readings at

Prophecy Horizon

Prophecies written with love and compassion

Andrew Muller

Written by

Psychic astrologer, fascinated at the intersection of astrology and humanity. IG: am_in_i_am Readings at

Prophecy Horizon

Prophecies written with love and compassion

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