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The mightiest ‘propliner’ of them all

Tupolev design bureau

Maxim Gorky over Moscow. USSR Archives
Tu-144LL in flight. Soviet archives

The Tu-95 and -114

The mighty NK-12 on wing. Photo by Pete Butt
Tu-114. Note the height of the doors and the steps required. Photo

Operational use

Interior of the Tu-114. Tupolev OKB archives
The JAL-Aeroflot service to Haneda was the longest non-stop flight of its time. Aviation Photos Miami

Not exactly quiet

Short lifespan

Tu-95 in flight. This photograph was taken by a RAF interceptor over the North Sea. Courtesy UK MoD



This journal pays homage to those amazing early airliners and the intrepid pilots who flew them at the start of the ‘Age of Airlines’ from the 1920s to the beginning of the jet age.

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Suren Ratwatte

I love airplanes and history. Trying to combine both interests in this blog, with stories of the old aircraft and the recollections of those who flew them.