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They flew the Seven Seas

Douglas propliners Part 2

A rare picture of a DC-6 and Connie together — courtesy Flying Bulls


Operational use

The beautifully restored Red Bull DC-6. Note the three bladed propellers. Photo courtesy Red Bull.
ANA DC-6 Photo courtesy South Australian Aviation Museum
A rare picture of a Saudia DC-6 at London Heathrow. Courtesy DP
The Independence — courtesy USAF Museum

More range, more power


A Sudflug DC-7C – one of Germany’s first post-war charter airlines. Wikimedia

DC-7 operationally

SAS DC-7C note the four-bladed propellers. Courtesy Wikimedia


KLM DC-7C freighter. Courtesy Flickr



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Suren Ratwatte

I love airplanes. As an airline captain I flew many including the A380 and Boeing 777. But wish I’d had the opportunity to fly some of these old propliners.