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12 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Laptop or Tablet

If you are debating between buying a Laptop or a Tablet you landed into the right article. Let me help you choose.

Someone using a tablet and a laptop

When to pick up a Tablet?

  1. You cannot afford a powerful (expensive) laptop, but you need superior performance
  2. You only browse the web, listen to music or stream video from YouTube, Netflix, or Disney
  3. You need a precise, relative cheap device for “handwriting”
  4. Portability is a top priority for you

When should you go for a Laptop instead?

  1. If you need a super powerful device
  2. You need to execute complex tasks or run special software for your job
  3. When device weight is a non-issue
  4. If you want to play highly intensive video games

Some general recommendations:

  1. Buy whatever device you feel more comfortable with
  2. Read and try to understand the technical specs of the device, specifically with Laptops
  3. Hold o to the current device for at least 2 generations. Year-to-year upgrades are too insignificant so if money is an issue or you just want to save some money do not upgrade your device every year
  4. Get a LTE/5G compatible device for maximum portability if you don’t always have Wi-Fi



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