Media: A tone shift for J20 arrest coverage

Esquire pioneers fairer coverage of the inauguration arrests and ongoing prosecutions

Men’s magazine Esquire gives J20 arrestees some of the fairest media coverage yet

Much of the coverage of the inauguration protest arrests has been ignorant, unfair, or just plain wrong. While activists have created press releases and social media posts to help set the record straight, the vast majority of Americans have only had access to negative information.

Fortunately, that trend seems to about to change for the better.

Some outlets have pointed out the fundamental injustice of prosecuting protesters for being at a protest where vandalism took place, and several cried foul about the arrests of journalists and legal observers.

Today, Esquire published a piece outlining the thinness of the government’s legal case and the terrifying precedent set by prosecuting First Amendment activity.

Let’s hope this is just the beginning of a fairer media landscape.