We’ve dumped Scribd.com, and so should you!

The popular PDF hosting service has a long history of exploiting their users for monetary gain

You may have noticed that we have embedded links all over our pages to PDFs hosted externally. Why do it this way? Unfortunately, Medium does not allow PDFs to be directly uploaded to their platform (unlike photos, for example), leaving users to find an external hosting service.

We believe strongly in the ideas behind Free Software (‘as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer”’) and have a problem with restrictive, exploitative software and media companies.

Here’s what we wrote in our Scribd.com profile:

“We no longer use Scribd. Why?
1) They charge others to access the data uploaded by their users (like us). We don’t see any of it.
2) They have a history of poor service and exploitation of users.
3) Their site is buggy, difficult to use, and produces inconsistent results.
Find all of our docs at www.prosecutorialindiscretion.com (we now use Docdroid, as well as hosting things ourself)
…and we encourage you to support the rights of users by leaving Scribd, removing all of your work from their control, and telling them WHY!”