Highlights From The First Russian ICO Hypethon

The ICO-Hypethon was held on Aug. 16–17 at the Street Art Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The event, hosted by Crypto Friends and Waves, brought together dozens of the best projects, start-ups, ICO-Angels, crypto enthusiasts and Blockchain industry experts — Jon Matonis, Tone Vays, Eric Benz, Eyal Hertzog, Charlez Xue, Vít Jedlička and many others were in attendance.

Prosense, an official partner of the event, was broadcasting the two-day Hypethon online both in 2D and 360°.

We’ve gone through and have chosen some highlights from the ICO Hypethon as well as from the best speeches.

ICO Hypethon Highlights

Charles Xue, History and Outlook of Blockchain in China*

*This video was recorded before China’s ICO ban, making it even more interesting

Charles Xue, History and Outlook of Blockchain in China
Charles Xue, Top Chinese Angel. He was one of the founders of UTStarcom in 1991, Chairman of the 8848 Electronic Commerce Network a swell as Chairman of Prcedu. In 2000, UTStarcom was the first Chinese company listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. After these varied experiences, he went on to become China’s first angel investor and has gone on to invest in over 300 companies.

Jon Matonis, Latest ICO Statistics

Jon Matonis, Latest ICO Statistics
Jon Matonis is a blockchain evangelist, fintech professional and founding director of Bitcoin Foundation. Currently serving on the boards of various blockchain projects, Jon’s career has included senior influential posts at VISA International, VeriSign, Sumitomo Bank, and Hushmail.

Jon Matonis, Common ICO Mistakes

Jon Matonis, Common ICO Mistakes

According to Matonis, the most common ICO mistakes are:

  • An unproven management team;
  • Unclear business plans;
  • No prove of concept available;
  • Bad least structured ICO;
  • Poor PR planning and marketing;
  • Changing team members right before the ICO.

Jon Matonis and Eric Benz, Fireside Chat

Jon Matonis and Eric Benz, Fireside Chat
Eric Benz is managing director for one of the UK’s and EU’s longest running Bitcoin exchange and merchant processors, CryptoPay. Ever since hopping on the blockchain wave in 2012, Eric has been involved in a number of blockchain and fintech businesses, both as an investor and a board director.
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