Photo report from IBC 2017

Conference: 14–18 September 2017
Exhibition: 15–19 September 2017

The International Broadcasting Convention, or IBC 2017, is one of the world’s leading events for showcasing technical innovation and hosting discussions in the electronic media and entertainment industries. Participants at the conference and exhibition, traditionally taking place at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, amounted to 55,000 people.

The largest industry players discussed issues of strategic online development, content management, radio, Internet marketing, television, digital media, content creation and entertainment technology.

Prosense’s task during the conference was to explore new solutions for content delivery along with codecs for compressing video and audio signals. A large part of Prosense’s projected solutions for VR broadcasting will indeed make their way to the general public in the coming year, and events at the level of the IBC clearly demonstrate the dynamics of market development.

While at the exhibition, representatives from our team held more than twenty meetings with software and hardware manufactures. A number of cutting-edge devices for shooting audio and video content in VR, none of which as of yet available for large-scale testing, have been examined by Prosense’s technical experts.

Classic OB (outside broadcasting) and stationary studios are increasingly being replaced by hybrid studios working with IP
The Kandao booth exhibited all their latests developments, including the Kandao Obsidian S camera
This installation allows for a ‘freeze time’ effect thanks to coordinated shooting by a large number of synchronized cameras
Sennheiser introduced new VR solutions, including a binaural microphone (pictured) as well as Ambeo VR for recording spatial sound
A classic motion technique which can, with due care, be used in VR broadcasting. It’s necessary to take into account the physical space around the viewer, as VR images appear to carry users through space
The Powerfull copter, capable of not only carrying a 360° camera, but the image transmission system as well
Prosense experts conducting an examination of the mirror-panoramic Cam 360
Wearing heavy camera equipment can put pressure on the operator’s back:)
The cable system, which has gone on to become a staple in sports broadcasting, provides complete freedom in three-dimensional space
A camera for building an augmented reality studio, as well as the development of a system for AR livestreaming
A camera for building an augmented reality studio, as well as the development of a system for AR livestreaming
On this photo and below: The developers of solutions used by Prosense for VR broadcasting. It was pleasant to socialize and learn about new products