ProsenseLive Pre-ICO F.A.Q.

ProsenseLive — the first global decentralized platform for VR content distribution with intellectual property protection by blockchain technology, guaranteed confidentiality and a built-in payment mechanism.

Where to find all the information about to project?

Here: You’re welcome!

Where’s the WP?

Here: ProsenseLive Whitepaper

Where’s One-Pager

Here: One-pager

What about Pre-ICO?

ProsenseLive ICO pre-sale starts Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 09:00 am EDT / 12:00 pm PDT / 10:00 am MSK!
The pre-sale runs through November 15, 2017 at 23:59 PST or until our public tokensale reaches the cap of $10,000,000.
Pre-Sale Discounts by Period:
Oct.19 00:00 PDT — Nov. 2 00:00 PDT — 25% discount
Nov. 2 00:00 PDT — Nov. 9 00:00 PST — 20% discount
Nov. 9 00:00 PST — Nov.16 00:00 PST — 15% discount
How to Participate:
Join the sale on or buy tokens here:
To participate, we ask that you use an ERC20 compatible wallet.

Any ICO details?

ICO start date: Nov. 16 00:00 PST
Nov.16 00:00 PST — Nov.17 00:00 PST — ICO Whitelist bonus 10%
Nov.17 00:00 PST — Nov.23 00:00 PST — bonus 5%
End ICO: Dec. 16 at 00:00 PST

What is VRP token?

VRP token (ERC20) is an universal virtual access to any sport event, conference, private party or concert all over the world and is designed to be a core of platform infrastructure.

More information about the tokens, please

Here you go

Who distributes the tokens?

The tokens are automatically distributed using the ERC 20 protocol and will be visible immediately after depositing funds into the Ethereum wallet.

What do I actually own after I buy this token?

The token is used as a local currency on our platform. 
The token does not imply the ownership of shares in the company or any part thereof.

Why should I trust your ICO?

At the moment, the company has made more than 50 projects worldwide. Prosense plans to broadcast the 2018 Soccer World Cup in Russia. You can view the the portfolio of our projects and the whitepaper. Prosense is a working business with a strong developement team, and has operated in the VR market for three years. Among our customers are companies such as Coca-Cola, which sponsored the live broadcast of the KHL hockey tournament, Google, Volvo and many others.

I have some questions left…

For more information please visit our ICO website: and you can find theProsenseLive Whitepaper here.
Feel free to contact us:
Customer Support:
Press Office:
Tech Team:
You can participate in the conversation on Telegram -International and Russian-speaking chats available now.
You can also order a call back in your language (English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Korean. More to follow).

You can also contact any of our top-managers and co-founders!

You can find more information about the team (+contact information) here: