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3 min readApr 21, 2020


Prospect Mining Studio, a partnership between the Vimson Group and Newlab, is thrilled to announce the first cohort of startups for the 2020 program cycle! From applications received across six continents, Prospect has selected 15 startups to work with. These startups hail from six countries; India, Switzerland, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, and the United States.

This year’s Studio cohort leverages the power of frontier technology to make the mineral mining industry safer and more sustainable through innovations in sectors such as chemical processing and waste remediation, predictive analytics, robotics, and automation.

The startups listed below will work with the Prospect Mining Studio team to further develop and test their products, deploy pilots at sites around the globe, and scale their businesses into the mining industry.

Selected startups:

Allied Microbiota
Stony Brook, NY
Allied Microbiota develops microbes and their enzymes to clean-up environmental contamination, and create sustainable bio-chemicals. Their disruptive augmentation cultures have shown ground breaking results to treat PCBs, Dioxins and chlorinated compounds in soil and sediments.

Carbon Upcycling Technologies
Calgary, Alberta
Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT) converts CO2 gas emissions from point sources such as power plants into solid products, which it sells across 10 different industrial markets. Their proprietary, patented technology chemically absorbs CO2 emissions into exfoliated inorganic solids to create a portfolio of fine nanoparticles.

CyanoGuard AG
Zurich, Switzerland
CyanoGuard is a chemical technology company developing innovative solutions for the detection of cyanide. Their solutions allow users to test liquid samples using a sensor that changes color upon the presence of cyanide. CyanoGuard’s method is rapid, simple and eliminates the use of hazardous substances.

Exyn Technologies
Philadelphia, PA
Exyn Technologies develops autonomous aerial robot systems, also referred to as autonomous UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), for data acquisition and collection in complex, GPS-denied industrial environments.

Bhubaneswar, India
Innocule offers a range of proprietary additives, consisting of specialty chemicals and polymers to create products such as dispersants, dewatering aids, flow aids, and grinding aids that are customized to each customer, enhancing productivity and reducing ore processing costs.

Brooklyn, NY
To enable better computer vision development, LexSet has created TDaaS (Training Data as a Service), using 3D content to create photo-realistic synthetic data to train Vision AI models. The approach allows users to generate limitless amounts of training data on-demand.

Lixivia, Inc
Santa Barbara, CA
Lixivia has developed hydrometallurgical technology for the extraction and production of high purity calcium oxide, calcium chloride, magnesium, copper, nickel, and cobalt.

LlamaZOO Interactive
Vancouver, British Columbia
LlamaZOO’s spatial business intelligence platform empowers organizations to stitch together data from across their operations and visualize it in the context of real-world locations.

Novamera, Inc
Toronto, Ontario
Novamera is developing an integrated system using directional drilling equipment and imaging technology, called Sustainable Mining by Drilling (“SMD”), that can help define the geometry of mineral deposits followed by a precise excavation technique that is sustainable, safe and economic.

Sudbury, Ontario
Objectivity utilizes AI-based algorithms to improve the efficiency of resource conversion drilling during critical pre-production activity, reducing project development timelines & improving ROI.

Arnhem, Netherlands
OneWatt predicts and detects faults in industrial equipment by literally listening to motors using predictive AI and their Embedded Acoustic Recognition Sensors (EARS). Their non-intrusive solution saves industrial users, plant managers, and owners from unplanned downtime and revenue losses.

Phoenix Tailings
Woburn, MA
Phoenix Tailings offers an end-to-end, zero-carbon solution to sustainably harvest valuable metals from hazardous mining waste, leveraging untapped value within mining and refining waste, economically and sustainably.

Pliant Energy Systems
Brooklyn, NY
Pliant Energy Systems conceptualizes, patents and develops highly novel technologies in the fields of marine robotics, propulsion, electricity generation, and pumping.

RIO Analytics
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
RIO Analytics develops artificial intelligence applications to predict failures of industrial assets. By combining advanced industrial analytics and AI, RIO analytics has built a digital platform capable of predicting failures, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.

Tomahawk Robotics
Melbourne, FL
Tomahawk Robotics develops multi-domain collaborative robotic control solutions, serving security and defense, energy, infrastructure, and assistive robotics markets. Tomahawk’s products are built to safely work alongside people and work in unstructured environments.



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