Introducing Prospect Student Ventures

Ayushi Sinha
Jun 27, 2020 · 3 min read

Despite Princeton being home to some of the world’s most innovative hustlers and a resource-rich university, there is a lack of funding available for early-stage and first-time founders to create a working prototype of their product. There is a funding gap in a Princeton student founder’s journey.

That’s why we started Princeton’s first student-led VC: Prospect Student Ventures. We intersect with Princeton student founders at the moment they most need capital to turn their idea into reality.

Princeton is the only top 20 university without a venture capital club, period. Most of the other universities also have multiple organizations to fund early-stage student founders.

Our mission is to bridge that gap for Princeton founders with $1–10K checks that allow them to build and validate their ideas and connect them with institutional VCs to receive follow-up funding. Our goal is to both increase the supply of student founders and better prepare students interested in VC through our investments, educational program, and expert network.


We provide $1–10K grants in student founders to help them build their MVP.

Our Investment Criteria

Our Approach

Our approach mirrors real-world VCs so that founders learn how to raise institutional capital and club members learn how to evaluate companies for unicorn potential. After we invest, we connect them with our expert network for office hours support, and to our sponsors for follow-on investment.

VC education

Our club members have a clear educational roadmap to learn how VCs source and evaluate companies. They then apply these learnings by investing in student startups.

Expert networks

In addition to investments, we are also building an expert network of top operators to guide our portfolio founders on specific domain challenges.

We are recruiting PSV’s founding class!

Apply @

If you know a superstar that you think would be a great fit, send their full name + why they would be a good fit to to

Prospect Student Ventures

Princeton’s first student-led VC

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