Human Accelerator

Jumping into a New Life in Northern California

When I turned 39 … I blew up my life.

I graduated in Cultural Studies in my 40's as a full-time working student. After an amazing life spent travelling around the world for an airline company, I decided to become a new me.

Bored by the things I was doing every day and unsatisfied by the achievements I had obtained, I needed a new challenge. I had dreams that still had to be fulfilled. Things I had to prove to myself.

I decided to invest my savings in an expensive postgraduate course of study to requalify professionally, so I left for California.

I jumped.

I bet on myself and decided to take a risk.

My life started from zero. I faced an amazing challenge as a woman, student, and human being.

I found myself homeless on other side of the world with an exaggerated number of luggage and unable to find an available apartment in Berkeley. I was forced to live in a YMCA hostel for the first month.

I was not sure what I was going to do or if I had made the right choice leaving a comfortable and settled life to cross the planet and land in such a difficult and uncomfortable situation. Used to a different life, I felt miserable, humiliated, embarrassed, and disoriented.

San Francisco and Berkeley in Northern California is the land of entrepreneurs, businesses, IT engineers, software companies, and tech startups. I was propelled as a “Human Accelerator”.

My year in “Cali” has been one of the most difficult and rewarding of my life. I haven’t found my “why” yet as advised by Simon Sinek. I’m still working on my progress every day, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and the world from this amazing adventure.

Here’s a list of things that I have learned:

  • It’s not true that age limits the learning process. I was among the best students in my course of studies, could keep-up the extremely fast pace of the teachings, and was often better than my fellow students.
  • Willpower is real power. When I learned to master my mind and my thoughts, I succeeded and reached great results and unimaginable goals. When things get tough, push forward! That’s where your power begins to flow.
  • Learning at adult age always involves a great amount of motivation and vision.
  • Great difficulties made me extremely strong and self-confident. I discovered to be much better than I thought was possible. I was proud of myself for the very first time of my life. This can happen just when you are exposed to a challenging situation.
  • Yes, worldwide Millennials are selfish and spoiled, but they are also extremely smart. I often felt surprised and amazed by how brilliant they are. We should trust them more.
  • When I touched the bottom is when I became more creative and intuitive.
  • This is my favorite: experiencing a new culture for an extended period is 1000 times worthier than any degree. It promotes mutual understanding and cultural awareness that improves personal qualities.
  • I learned so much and dramatically improved as human being by opening myself and exposing my vulnerability. But it takes courage and humbleness. And it’s scary.
  • I was surprised how much I enjoyed living with roommates after 20 years of independent habitation: the differences of age, culture, vision, and mentality nourished me. There are so many good, positive, and smart people out there…

“The Pop Corn” syndrome.

I like to name my transformation “the Pop Corn” syndrome. It happens every time I expose myself to a foreign culture for a long period of time. With an open mind you can embrace diversity to become enriched and positive.

It’s a deep dive. And it has always changed my personality and approach to life.

I see the world today through the lenses of the amazing energy of Silicon Valley, progressive mentality of Northern California, futuristic ideas, and the enlightened visions of the people driving the Bay Area.

The lifestyles and enthusiasm for life contaminated me profoundly.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” ― Albert Einstein

In a world of endemic pessimism and lack of vision, I found an amazing energy in this part of the world. A place where things are possible and new ideas may become reality.

It’s not a coincidence that it was in this environment I was suddenly able to become more creative and intuitive. I started to believe in myself again and open up my imagination to new possibilities.


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