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AMA report and Project Update

June 22

Hello community,

You will find below a report of the AMA session from Wednesday June 8th, acting as a project update of what happened over the last weeks and what is coming next. We have grouped questions by themes rather than chronological order of the AMA for more clarity.

Have a good read!

About the Prosper Votes product

Will you integrate [Prosper.Votes] on platforms like Opensea and work with large NFT projects?
We are currently working on automatic selection of NFTs for comparison in the Prosper.Votes project. It’s too early to talk about integrations with large NFT projects, but there are such plans.

Prosper Votes was launched to help NFT owners or prospective buyers get a proper estimate of the price of their NFTs. Can you tell us how it works? Why do you believe this is such a great idea that will solve a major problem in the NFT Market?
At the moment, we are manually selecting NFTs with similar indicators that are actively traded for voting at the first stage. The aim of the first stage is for users to place NFTs according to their value, and as a result, the algorithm determines the approximate price range for an NFT. Then, for a more accurate assessment, a second stage of voting is carried out, in which users obviously choose a narrower price range. After that, we analyze the results of the two stages and get the final result. This will allow you to predict the prices of the new NFTs that have not yet been traded in advance in order to make the market more predictable.

Can you tell us when the project will be integrated to AnimocaBrands ecosystem ?
We cannot disclose such information yet. Stay tuned for our updates.

Survey for Votes seem to have been successful, can you tell us what’s next with prosper votes ?
The main priority is integration with Opensea to automate some of the processes that we have to carry out within the team. Next, we will test such a model in parallel with the manual selection of NFTs.

About the rest of the Prosper ecosystem

Tell us about road map contents, when we can get road map ?
We are currently developing several products that will be part of the Prosper ecosystem in parallel. At the moment, we cannot share the updated roadmap, as we want to make it perfect in terms of goals and exact deadlines for new functionality and products. As soon as it is ready, we will immediately announce it.

What are the next steps / deadlines of the project ?
In the near future we will announce the details about a new project in our ecosystem. This will be Prosper.DAO. Initially, it will be interesting for projects on FLOW. It will also be linked to NFT. Expect more details in the nearest future.

When will AnimocaBrands start communicating about / promoting the project ? it would be nice if the project could benefit their visibility.
This question can only be answered by AnimocaBrands. We’ve had discreet but real support from AnimocaBrands’ projects coms, with other projects often retweeting our announcements etc. People might not see it a lot but it’s there.

Is the Qatar WC event still in the loop?
Yes. We’ll communicate on that in due time.

Are you still considering the custom betting pool/insurance bet for the predictions side?
We are working on custom pools in the B2B sphere which means we will offer to integrate the functionality with predictions on various platforms.

Can you launch predictions while the other products are under construction ?
We have plans to launch prediction pools again, but we are currently thinking about timeframes.

About the $PROS token

$Pros was supposed to have the utility of :
- Prediction rewards
- Discount on betting
- Custom user pool
- Insurance bet
- Burning fees system
Can you tell us more on the future utilities ?
At the moment, PROS is used to participate in voting. This will further increase the number of holders. We cannot reveal the details about the burning yet, as it is still in the process of discussion. And also we plan to return predictions to PROS for Social Predictions.

Are there in the future possibilities of staking ?
I can’t say for sure yet. Follow the channel with announcements to be first to know the news.

About the Team

Is it planned to have more devs onboard ?
At the moment, the team is balanced. But we are always glad to meet new people. If there are interesting proposals from candidates, we will definitely consider them.

Were there people leaving the project following AnimocaBrands’ take over ?
Everyone stayed. Moreover, the team even expanded after that.

Thanks for reading and please follow our announcement channels and social media to be kept posted of the next developments!



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