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Introducing Prosper’s second staking option

Prosper is proud to announce its new liquidity staking campaign designed to reward investors users. Prosper $PROS token holders will be rewarded for staking their tokens with another large total distribution of 410,400 $PROS tokens, in addition to the current staking mining campaign of 291,600 $PROS tokens. To elaborate, approximately $2,000,000 USD worth of $PROS tokens will be distributed via liquidity pools, for a global staking campaign of 702,000$ PROS token or ~ 3,500,000 USD!!

Earn $PROS with the staking mining!

We previously launched two very successful mining events back in January and February with the incentive to reward users of our prediction platform. Therefore, we decided that our relaunch event on the Polygon, Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain Network would also feature this highly engaging prediction mining event!

Despite all the technical issues during the first two days of our relaunch with Polygon($MATIC), we were able to achieve over 1,000,000 $MATIC ($400,000) in total prediction volume and reward 5,805$ PROS to predictors!

We then opened the prediction to Avalanche ($AVAX). Users have until April, 5th to predict using $AVAX | USDC pairs, and earn 22,680 $PROS tokens, approximately $100,000!

Finally, per our upcoming Binance Smart Chain prediction mining event, we will be rewarding 263,115 $PROS tokens, approximately $1,200,000. Prediction mining campaign on Binance Smart Chain will last for 30 days and users will now be able to predict with their $PROS!

All the tutorials in order to predict on our platform are available below:

How to use Prosper platform

Predict on Prosper with Avalanche

Predict on Prosper with Binance Smart Chain

Earn $PROS with Liquidity Pools Staking program!

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, $PROS token holders will be rewarded for staking their tokens! 410,400 $PROS tokens will be rewarded.

🌐The process will happen on our own platform,

🌐Staking happens on the PROS/USDC pair,

🌐Stakers will need ETH in order to pay the gas fees.

Stake your $PROS token!

📍Total reward pool: 410,400 $PROS

📍Daily reward pool: 9,120 $PROS

📍Hourly reward pool: 380 $PROS

The rewards will be distributed on an hourly basis with a 7 days vesting period from the claim action. During the LP staking program, the user may choose the lockup duration, which will reflect on his reward ratio. The lock-up period starts from the moment of staking.

OPTION 1️⃣ 14 days lock up: x0,75 reward return ratio;

OPTION 2️⃣ 30 days lock up: x1 reward return ratio;

OPTION 3️⃣ 45 days lock up: Flexible return ratio;

Flexible Return Ration [FRR] = the remaining part from the rewards: Total hourly reward pool [THRP] — [O1] rewards — [O2] rewards.

Example: the hourly reward pool of LP staking is 380 $PROS. John staked 1 LP into LP farming with 14 days lock-up. Alex staked 2 LP into a farming with 30 days lock up. Eugene staked 2,5 LP into a staking with the 45 days lock up. The total size of LP farming = 1 + 2 + 2,5 = 5,5 LP. The return on one LP = 380/5,5 = 69,09 $PROS. So the total reward rate for users will be:

Basically users who staked with the 30 days lock up option will receive the remaining part from the ones who staked without a lock up.

John — 0,75*1*69,09 = 51,8175 $PROS

Alex — 1*2*69,09 = 138,18 $PROS

Eugene — (1*2,5*69,09) + 1 * 0,25 * 69,09 / 2,5 * 2,5 = 172,725 + 17,2725 = 189,9975 $PROS

About Prosper

Prosper is a non-custodial crosschain prediction market and hedging platform. Prosper is developing a unique technology of on-chain liquidity aggregation to solve problems of prediction markets landscape.

Core features of include:

  • Cross-chain predictions support and on-chain liquidity aggregation
  • Binary liquidity model
  • Bet insurance
  • User-owned predictions and options
  • Fiat integration

Predict now | Telegram | Twitter | Announcements | Website | Youtube




Short-term non-custodial prediction and hedging platform based on Binance Smart Chain. Pooler allows confident traders to maximize their profits by participating in 1, 8 or 24 hour predictions. Start here:

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Short-term non-custodial prediction and hedging platform based on Binance Smart Chain. Start here:

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