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Pooler is now Prosper

Greetings, our dear community members! There are times in life, when something has to go away, yielding the space for some innovations and renewal. For the time being, our project Pooler stayed pretty basic considering its design and user interface, and it is pretty clear for us that it is the time to do something about it in order to improve user experience and to make our platform much more clearer and understandable. This time has come, and we are happy to present our community some serious changes — both in terms of design and name. In this article we will tell you why we decided to do that and will share with you some thoughts on how naming and interface can actually make a difference on a prediction market project.

Why Prosper

You might ask us a question — what does the new name of the project represent? And we are proud to answer — the new name shall make it clear that our platform is not only about pools and betting, it can do equally good work from the hedging side, providing all features a user needs for making a big step into prosperity. In our recent articles we have constantly mentioned that our top priority is to make our project one of the most recognizable on the market, and such a sounding name will surely do us a great help to earn some recognition there. If to speak of more technical details — for some time the old domain will redirect you to the new one, so that our community members won`t get confused by the changes our team has implemented. That will not last forever, so be sure that you have bookmarked for the more quick access and to avoid any misunderstandings considering following up with the project.

New design

As for now the main feature of the product is still betting on pools, choosing the side between bulls and bears, so the design of the main page should, in our opinion, represent what the project is actually about. Besides, the new interface is clearer and more understandable than it was before, so anyone, willing to make a bet, can make it out where to press and what to do. This was made by our team not for no reason: since our project is about to get not only crypto oriented in the nearest future, we also have to make it pretty much obvious for people, who are pretty new on the market. New domain is about to solve this task, providing a clear and user-oriented interface that is easy and pleasant to work with and differing from other prediction markets, which seem to make their sites for crypto-geeks only. Attracting more people who are not exactly the blockchain guys is also one of our key tasks, and we hope that the new design of Prosper can cope with that .

New name — new promises?

No. Our team would like to stress out that everything that we promised before, stays the same — implementing unique features, like bet insurance, custom pools etc. Pooler has just changed its name and styling, and that’s it: team and purposes stay the same. We also encourage our community to give us more detailed feedback on the new interface and on whatever we are about to implement further. Before going to mainnet we just wanted to make a new step onto the level of competitiveness on the market, and that is what this redesign was all about. But there are still many such steps to make: new promotional events, improving the architecture of Prosper, continuing to develop and implement new features. We are extremely thankful for the community`s support, and we are doing our best to keep the high level of De-Fi product we are trying to set up both for ourselves and in general. This was only the beginning, guys. More awaits for us and you in the future. Stay tuned.




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