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Prosper introduces its Prediction Leaderboards!

Starting today, the pools at will be relaunched with a new leaderboard feature where users will be ranked by Net Winnings, Rounds won and Win rate! The top 3 positions of each ranking will be displayed at the top and other users will be able to search for their adress or see their rank under their avatars.

In addition, users will now have a profile tab displaying main statistics such as rounds won and win rate as well as net winnings, and history of their last 5 bets.

As a reminder, you’ll find here a guide on how to predict on our platform.

What’s Next ?

As pitched in our previous articles, the introduction of learderboards is a major steps toward the gamification of Prosper’s Predictions.

In the future, we will implement more leaderboards such as Local leaderboards (ranking within regions) and Timed leaderbords (ranking within a limited time-frame).

This will allow us to start organizing a wide variety of contests and competitions where top scorers will be rewarded!

In parallel, we will keep adding features based on the User Profile and Statistics, such as level progressions and achievements.



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