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Prosper initial listing

We know that you’ve been waiting for this for quite awhile, but the time has come! Prosper will be initially listed on Uniswap on January 14th at 3 PM UTC+0. Let’s make this quick and get back to the token distribution and listing details.

Initial mcap: $389,130
Initial circulating supply: 3,891,300 PROS + Liquidity/Bridge tokens
Price of the last round: $0,1
ERC20 token contract: 0x8642A849D0dcb7a15a974794668ADcfbe4794B56
BEP20 token contract: 0xed8c8aa8299c10f067496bb66f8cc7fb338a3405

Token distribution details

Seed round: 600,000 PROS to be unlocked (ERC20)
Strategic round: 1,142,800 PROS to be unlocked (ERC20)
Private round: 990,000 PROS to be unlocked (ERC20)
Presale round: 250,000 PROS to be unlocked (ERC20)
Prediction mining: 396,000 PROS to be unlocked (BEP20)
Marketing: 512,500 PROS to be unlocked (ERC20)

Other tokens to be unlocked: 800,000 PROS from the company reserves — will be used to provide BEP20-ERC20 bridge liquidity (not in circulation) and the liquidity for decentralized or centralized exchanges.

All participants will receive their tokens right after the initial Uniswap liquidity pool has been launched.

Important notice: ERC20-BEP20 bridge guide will be released on January 13th, you will have enough time to walk through. We are distributing BEP20 type of tokens for the prediction mining participants because they used BEP20 wallets for the prediction mining event. If you don’t want to swap your BEP20 for ERC20, please wait for the official announcement, we will supply the liquidity for the Binance Smart Chain as well.

What’s next?

Shortly after the listing you should expect at least five major token related updates:

  1. Prosper DAO governance staking;
  2. Smart treasury to control platform fees;
  3. LP provision mining;
  4. 2nd epoch of the prediction mining;
  5. $MATIC and $AVAX mining;

Platform related updates:

  1. Recent bug fixes;
  2. Chart integration;
  3. Price feeds update;
  4. USDT/USDC prediction support;
  5. Matic and Avalanche versions launch;

And more! Thank you for being with us during the prediction mining event. That was a stunning success! We couldn’t achieve anything without such a strong community. Stay tuned for an upcoming $PROS listing. Make sure that you are following only official social media channels and feel free to ask any questions:

Try now | Chat | Twitter | Announcements | Website



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