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Prosper token metrics and economy

Greetings, dear community members! We know that you’ve been waiting for this for a long time and the time has finally come. Today we are proud to introduce you to our first draft of prosper ($PROS) token metrics and economy!

Disclaimer: the metrics given in this article are not the final one, currently we are in discussion with our seed/strategic/private investors on lock-up periods, as we would like to know our initial circulating supply even more

The first thing we need to mention: official sale and TGE will be done on Ethereum network (ERC20), however, we will also issue $PROS on all supported chains (Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Matic) and connect them using decentralized token swap bridges to provide the full platform functionality on other chains.

Token ticker: PROS
Total supply: 100 000 000 PROS
ERC20 token contract
BEP20 token contract
Initial circulating supply:
11 525 000 PROS
Price of the last round: $0,1
Initial market cap on listing: $1 152 500

Prosper token distribution

Seed round: 4% (4,000,000 PROS)
Strategic round: 5% (5,000,000 PROS)
Private round: 3% (3,000,000 PROS)
Pre-sale round: 0,625% (625,000 PROS)
Public round: 7% (7,000,000 PROS)
Staking rewards: 30% (30,000,000 PROS)
Marketing: 10% (10,000,000 PROS)
Ecosystem: 12% (12,000,000 PROS)
Reserves: 10% (10,000,000 PROS)
Community: 5% (5,000,000 PROS)
Team and advisors: 13,375% (13,375,000 PROS)

Funding history

Seed round

Price: $0,05 per PROS
Raised: $200,000
Lock ups: 10% on listing (400,000 PROS), after — 10% per month

Strategic round

Price: $0,08 per PROS
Raised: $400,000
Lock ups: 20% on listing (1,000,000 PROS), after — 12% per month, last month — 20%

Private round

Price: $0,1 per PROS
Raised: $300,000
Lock ups: 50% on listing (1,500,000 PROS), after — 6,25% per month

Pre-sale round

Price: $0,08 per PROS
Fundraising target: $50,000
Lock ups: no lock up

Public round

Price: $0,1 per PROS
Fundraising target: $700,000
Lock ups: no lock up


Staking rewards: remain locked until the binary liquidity program an on-chain aggregation launch;
Ecosystem: 6 months lock-up, after — 25% every 3rd month;
Marketing: 10% on listing, 3 months lock-up, after — 10% per month;
Reserves: locked for urgent situations, the community will be notified in advance before unlock;
Community: 6 months vesting period, after — 10% per month
Team and advisors: 1 year lock-up, 1 year linear vesting period

PROS token utility

We’ve already posted a detailed explanation in our blog. So here is a quick summary of our previous article on PROS token utility:

Protocol fees: the fees from the predictions market can be paid in $PROS with the 50% discount. PROS tokens received as fees will be burned, using $BNB model;

Custom (user owned) prediction pools: to create your own prediction, you will have to pay some amount of $PROS token. PROS tokens received as fees will be burned, using $BNB model;

Prediction insurance: if you are wondering what prediction insurance is, we strongly recommend to check our previous article. $PROS which has been used in insurance system is a subject of 14 days lock-up period;

Other token related features: prediction leverage, exclusive prediction pools, subscription.

Thank you for an outstanding support, public presale guidelines will be announced tomorrow. Be the first one to read them:

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