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Prosper Votes Update & AMA

Monday April 11th, 16:00 UTC

Following our first Prosper Votes test survey, we have worked on tweaking the Prosper Votes system and would like to give a quick update, followed by an AMA session as suggested by the community.

The first Prosper Votes test survey.

Our first survey held a few days ago lasted 3 days and topped at 50 participants. They took an average of 2 minutes and 57 seconds to votes, ranging from 7 seconds to almost 33 minutes. 25 Winners shared 250 pros and all participants received 1 Pros.
We obtained a positive feedback, with no major issues and a product working as expected.

In this first survey, we had introduced a margin of error for the final results. In the next surveys, we will gradually reduce it and monitor the quality of our users’ voting results.

What’s up next ?

We are designing Prosper Votes as an opportunity to collaborate with NFT authors who want to know the price of their NFTs. Eventually, we plan to combine several types of surveys within the Prosper Votes process to maximize the overall quality of NFT price research, and will introduce in the coming days our second type of survey
An approximate workflow will be as follows: we receive an application to determine the price of the NFT, we then analyze the collection and select the appropriate NFT parameters for the first stage of the survey (the one we already tested), then based on the results we launch the second type of survey (we will talk about it during the AMA) and after that we combine the results and give them as report to the author of the NFT. That will allow them to price their NFT within different markets with a price estimation taking multiple paramaters into account.

Ask Me Anything

As promised and following the community’s suggestion , we will hold an internal AMA on monday April 11th, 16:00 UTC on our Telegram channel.
This will be a great opportunity to exchange about the project, our vision for prosper votes and our more immediate development of the surveys.

Thank you for you support and see you on Monday,

The Team



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