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Earn 30% of your referees fees!

We’ve been teasing it for a while and here it is: our brand new Version 1 Referral program!

We wanted, and needed, a tool to help us widen our user base, and we know the best vector for that are the already convinced users!

Starting today 03/02/22, you will be able to invite people over to use our prediction platform and earn from their predictions.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Go to the platform and connect your wallet here :

>>> <<<

Step 2: Copy your referral link and share it to your friends or social media

Step 3: Profit! you will automatically earn 30% of the fees we collect on your referees predictions on the platform! Your returns will be sent in BNB to your adress automatically once every two weeks if they are above 0.1 BNB.

As a reminder, the prediction platform collects 3% fees on all predictions. On our last Mining event, we collected over 76 BNB in fees over just a few days! You can now earn your share of it by recommending the platform to as many people as you can.

This is our first version of the referral program and we’re excited to launch it. In the background, we are already working on the 2nd version, where modalities will be a bit different with more rewards.

Go get your referral links and start sharing them !

Feel free to share our Prediction guide to help new users with making their first predictions!

>>> Prediction Guide <<<

About Prosper

Prosper is a non-custodial crosschain prediction market and hedging platform. Prosper is developing a unique technology of on-chain liquidity aggregation to solve problems of prediction markets landscape.

Core features of include:

  • Cross-chain predictions support and on-chain liquidity aggregation
  • Binary liquidity model
  • Bet insurance
  • User-owned predictions and options
  • Fiat integration

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