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Testnet competition results

Greetings, community members! Our first contest ever on Prosper is already finished, so we want to share some numbers that we have by the end of it. We would like to thank all the people who actively participated in betting and exploring platform features, helping us to more deeply understand how we should develop Prosper. Our team assures you, that this one was not the last promotional event we have organised, so stay tuned, while the project has almost made its way to the mainnet.

Winners and rewards

Before going to the specific stats, we want to tell you a bit more about wallets that made it to the top-10 and what did they actually win. Please, note, that all bets, that were made after the official time of ending the contest, which was 28 November 00:01 AM UTC+0, were not counted in the final list of results. Here is the list of winners with all of their bounties:

  1. 0x53A888Dd7109a3D67a8073a8db0450FaefF8cb19 with the total number of 264 victories gets $600 worth of PROS, $150 worth of Burger and $150 worth of PROM;
  2. 0x26C990a0F778e13c2F8E2c4FC0fb1FDB55A79824 was right in 263 cases, so that brings him $300 worth of PROS, $75 worth of Burger and $75 worth of PROM;
  3. 0x0f0dD421Af47cDDFABE4308b76206eF601fEC32f — his prognosis skill got him 259 wins and a bounty consisting of $200 worth of PROS, $50 worth of Burger and $50 worth of PROM;
  4. 0xF2E80fCA005F4f911C9de823082cB4aCD0F89565 and 0x0F74Afd9697B7E0ab0De5d38b19251820F142199 — their reward is equal and it makes $175 worth of PROS, $40 worth of Burger and $20 worth of PROM each;
  5. 0xB956dBE1bDA57157BfD6E2f26123c785026B0734 and 0x77e3Ef0981A84E5254C0c8978fd8aac05ff521bb — these wallets also earn the same: $125 worth of PROS, $35 worth of Burger and $15 worth of PROM each;
  6. 0x4fe92C2748D31f6A766813468688863Dcf3015a, 0xCA73d571a447dffd4AA399c2F5495B2724D40034 and 0x99e0eB516a38B7fD3e9b7d5ab6182e0bCc9972AB — the last people that got themselves into the top-10 get $100 worth of PROS, $25 worth of Burger and $10 worth of PROM each.

We congratulate all the winners with their fair earned rewards. Please, stay tuned for any further announcements that we are to make: the upcoming ones will be about you getting what you have won and about the actual price of PROS token. The wallet owners should contact our official Telegram account to claim the reward. Please note that you will be asked to prove wallet ownership.

Prosper stats

One of most important things for our team was to see how people interested in our project and in prediction markets in general. So the best way to illustrate that is to share the number of bets with you, and during the contest people have bet on Prosper 3473 times. That tells us about the necessity of continuing developing the completely new approach to how prediction market projects actually works since people showed that they are interested in the appearance of new players in this part of De-Fi. To follow up with the total number of bets, we would like to tell you about the number of wallets participated in contest, and this will be 371. We did not expect this number of participants, to be honest, but the most surprising numbers await. According to our developers, the number of BNBs bet is 4260. Different types of tokens also didn’t stay without attention: bets on BNB are 1149, bets on ETH are 1186 and on BTC — 1138. Crypto enthusiasts did give certain attention to our platform, which is very pleasant, so we more or less know — alternative projects are highly demanded in the sphere of prediction markets.

What next?

The answer is in one word actually — mainnet. We plan to do it as soon as possible, since we promised to do it after our first contest. Currently we are awaiting for a signal from our trusted partners. The other word to describe what we are going to do next — features. Main of them is, of course, $PROS token, connected with other different things we want to implement (bet insurance, bet leverage etc). Other long-term stuff like fiat integration is still yet to be developed, so we will have plenty to concentrate on. And the last, but not the least — we plan to organise new promotional events on mainnet, helping our community to earn some rewards and collecting the feedback from it to make Prosper better and better. For all of the announcements, please, subscribe to our social media!





Short-term non-custodial prediction and hedging platform based on Binance Smart Chain. Pooler allows confident traders to maximize their profits by participating in 1, 8 or 24 hour predictions. Start here:

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Short-term non-custodial prediction and hedging platform based on Binance Smart Chain. Start here:

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