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Upgrade for staking campaign

Greetings, pros family! First of all, we’re extremely sorry for the technical issues that happened during the first launch on Polygon Network. Some of them happened on the Polygon side, some of them happened on our side. This is the reason why we’re not running a platform on a constant basis. Those events help us to improve the platform, spot the bugs, issues and fix them. Go easy and don’t forget that it’s only a beta stage, so the technical issues are a totally normal thing. If you’ve got funds that stuck in our smart contract, don’t worry, everything is SAFU and will be distributed back pretty soon.

During those couple of days we were able to gather the community feedback and decided to make some changes in prediction mining stage three and reward distribution.


As we’re currently busy with fixing the technical issues on Polygon network, we’ve decided to suspend prediction pools on Polygon until everything has been fixed. During the last three days we’ve distributed around 5800 $PROS, which will be deducted from the overall reward pool of this prediction mining campaign. Once all the issues will be fixed, we will get back with the new prediction mining event on Polygon! Stay tuned for an announcement!

However, the staking campaign has been already announced and we can’t leave you without a platform running! Thus we’ve decided to launch new Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche prediction mining campaigns!

Binance Smart Chain

Prosper will get back live on the Binance Smart Chain as soon as possible. We will support predictions for BNB/USD price movements at 1 hour timeframe. Users will be able to place their predictions using USDT and $PROS token!

Prediction mining campaign on Binance Smart Chain

Duration: 30 days;
Prediction pairs: BNB/USD;
Timeframe: 1h;
Supported currencies: USDT and PROS;
Total reward pool: 239 760 PROS;
Rewards for predictions in PROS: 159 840 PROS (222 PROS per hour);
Rewards for predictions in USDT: 79 920 PROS (111 PROS per hour);

We’re also increasing the reward ratio for PROS holders from x0,01 per 15 $PROS to x0,01 per 30 $PROS! It means that in order to receive the full reward, you need to hold at least 2100 $PROS.

All $PROS fees received at this prediction mining event, will be used as a reward pool for the next prediction mining event to stop the inflation.

The general rules of prediction mining event will stay the same. You can find a detailed guide in our medium, or simply drop your question in our telegram group!

Prediction mining campaign on Avalanche

As we previously announced, we will launch prosper on Avalanche already on 29th of March at 4 PM UTC. This time two (once all the issues are fixed, even three) versions of Prosper will be live at the same time! Avalanche will be also having its own prediction mining campaign. The details will be announced shortly before the launch.

Thank you for your outstanding support! Your feedback helps us to improve the platform. Stay tuned for upcoming updates and subscribe to our official channels:

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