How to use the new custom variables in Prosper202 Pro

Have you even need to track more custom data for your campaigns than the 4 C1-C4 variables available? For many campaign, it’s important to be able to track as many datapoint as possible because, you can use the info to quickly find the most profitable segments. I Prosper202 Pro, we’ve added the ability to define an unlimited number of custom variables that get passed into your account for reporting purposes. Here’s How To Get Started:

Step 1: Create a Traffic Source

In this example we are calling our traffic source Google Adwords PPC

Step 2: Click The Variables Link For The Traffic Source

Step 3: Create Your Custom Variables

Step 4: Generate your tracking link

Watch this Video Tutorial Showing You How To Setup Your Custom Variables

Quick Prosper202 Pro FAQ

Q: Is all my data really secure?
A: That’s a great questions. We understand many of you have a need to keep your proprietary data away from prying eyes. Because Prosper202 Pro is trusted by thousands of users for 8 plus years, 100% open source and fully self-hosted, you know that there’s nothing malicious hidden in the code, additionally unlike a SaaS solution, everything stays on your own servers that you have full control over

Q: Can I easily upgrade my current version of Prosper202
A: Yes, Prosper202 Pro is a drop in replacement for the free Prosper202. Once you upgrade it will convert all your settings to the new version and even port over your old data. Once it’s ported, you will enjoy all the benefits we posted about above as well as blazing fast reporting.

Q: Is Prosper202 Pro hosted on your servers?
A: No Prosper202 Pro is still fully self-hosted just like the version of Prosper202 you are using right now and have used for many years.

Q: Will I still have access to the source code?
A: Absolutely, There’s not a single line of encrypted code in Prosper202 Pro. You get access to the full source code to modify to fit your needs as you see fit.

Q: How about support?
A: Every single license of Prosper202 Pro come with support directly from the development team. You’ll get direct access to someone who’s knowledgable and able to resolve your issues quickly. No clueless out sourced teams here who will only frustrate you further.

Try Prosper202 Pro Now: Get Your FREE 30 Trial.

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