Tutorial Setting Up DNI In Prosper202 Pro

As you know we recently launched the latest version of Prosper202 as a completely Free upgrade for everyone. With it came the launch of our Direct Network Integration (DNI) feature that allows you to setup offers and postbacks quickly, easily and with zero configuration errors. Everything tracks perfectly every time. It just works!

In today’s post, I’d like to show you how to setup DNI on your Prosper202 Pro ClickServer. It’s a fast one time setup for each network you integrate with. Once setup, you will have direct access to all your offers right inside of Prosper202.

That means you never have to login to your network, search for offers, get your affiliate link, spend forever trying to figure out where to put your tracking tokens, subids, and postbacks, setup your campaign, find out you got it all wrong, do it over again, it’s still wrong! Pull your hair out in frustration, and finally give up and hang out on Facebook instead.

Watch How Easy It Is To Get Setup With DNI

Video Tutorial: Setting Up DNI In Prosper202 Pro

Step 1: Get your API Key from your Network

Step 2: Click Over To The 3rd Party Integrations Page in Prosper202 Pro

Step 3: Select Your Network And Paste In Your API Key

Step 4: Setup Offers With 1-Click

Test Out The Power of DNI With G4Offers our Exclusive Network Launch Partner

Our exclusive launch partner for DNI is G4Offers. They’re a unique CPA Affiliate Network that features a wide variety of verticals and offers. To test out the power of DNI, sign up for an account with G4Offers and get started today.

Originally published at prosper.tracking202.com.