Bringing Prosperity to the World

by Randy Gage

Posted By: Randy Gage / January 26, 2021

If you’re new here or been a way for a few weeks, you might have missed the news about Prosperity Factory, Inc. I’ve become a prophet for profit and launched a new prosperity ministry. This ministry is not a church. In fact, it’s an un-church. Prosperity Factory is a for-profit, spiritual ministry — for people of all faiths, and those with no religious faith — to learn, fellowship, and grow together. Once a week I am livestreaming a lesson on the principles of:

It is a spiritual community united by our desire to prosper, learn, and move toward the highest possible version of ourselves. With each lesson I’ll be actually modeling the free enterprise principles I’m teaching. The guiding philosophies are:

No Doctrines: Bold Ideas, not Ideology No Dogma: Strong Beliefs, Loosely Held No Holy Books: You are the Sacred Wisdom No Salvation: Simply Exploration

So this isn’t a normal blog post. It’s more an update on the weekly Prosperity Livestream details for you. Here’s what you need to know…

The Livestreams take place every Saturday at 10 am Eastern. We’re testing to see how that works and it may change in the future. But that’s the time set for now.

We’ve created a homepage exclusively for the Livestreams. I suggest you bookmark it in your browser. It will list the upcoming topic each week, confirm the time, and supply the link to watch. We’re also archiving all of the previous lessons there. The page is at:

Don’t you dare miss this Saturday! The lesson topic is Create Money Security. We’re going to explore the First Principles of creating wealth. You’ll discover why:

  • Prosperity is your natural state;
  • Poverty is an illusion;
  • Debt can be a dangerous narcotic;
  • Money should never be the primary reason for making a decision; and,
  • The single most important money principle to grow your net worth.

Please help share this much-needed message of prosperity consciousness around the world by sharing this post. And join me for the Prosperity Livestream this Saturday.


- RG

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Originally published at on January 26, 2021.




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