Stay Safe During the Corona Virus Pandemic

by Randy Gage

  • The business model of journalism requires clickbait sensationalism.
  • Governments lie.
  • Stock up enough food and essentials to last you at least six weeks, in case you have to self-quarantine or things go sidewise in your area.
  • Have board games, a good streaming service subscription, and other diversions for you, your kids and pets.
  • Create a home workout routine.
  • Build your immunity. Eat healthy, exercise, get sunshine and fresh air, take supplementation, and get enough sleep. The healthier you are, the less severe the virus can impact you if you are exposed to it.
  • Refill all your prescriptions.
  • Fill up your car with gas.
  • Hit the ATM for your maximum daily withdrawal limit. Then do it again tomorrow.
  • Check in on any invalid or elderly neighbors and make sure they’re okay.



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Randy Gage

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