Prosperity Is not Created by Chance, Accident, or Luck

by Randy Gage

Posted By: Randy Gage / January 11, 2021

Most people like to think that prosperity comes as a result of, random chance, unplanned accident, or simply luck. This is a common and comfortable belief because it removes any personal responsibility from the equation. You can say Serena Williams plays tennis better you because she’s lucky, Elon Musk is wealthier than you because of accident, or Meryl Streep wins all those Oscars by chance. It’s a comforting way to convince ourselves that the only reason we aren’t more successful is because we didn’t receive a lucky break or serendipitous coincidence.

It is true that there is a degree of luck or happenstance that occurs to everyone. But while there are random acts — there are no random lives.

If you’re trying to validate your inability to accomplish something (anything) by an absence of fortune, you’re actually trying to live in victimhood. And while being a victim may provide you with an emotional payoff, accepting that payoff will forever keep you a victim.

If you watched my last Prosperity Livestream, then you learned that in terms of practical application, there are three ways you can manifest your prosperity on the physical plane:

  • Solve Problems
  • Add Value
  • Envision Possibilities

If you can make someone’s problem go away, they’ll gladly trade you money for that. And the amount of money is relative to the size of their problem that you make go away. They will pay a manicurist to make a hangnail go away, pay a dentist more to cure an excruciating toothache, and pay a surgeon yet more to remove a tumor.

Any time you add value to an equation, someone or something will reward you for doing so. That might mean simplifying a process, improving results, or lowering costs. If you can show Amazon how to save 20 cents on every package they ship, the total number is substantial and they would pay you a lot to learn what you know.

And sometimes you simply envision a new reality, one that people want once they discover it. Nobody on earth was thinking they needed a bigger phone or half of a laptop, but when Steve Jobs envisioned the iPad, they wanted to own one.

The sooner you stop ascribing prosperity to luck, accident, or chance — and proactively find ways to solve problems, add value, or envision possibilities — the sooner you will manifest more prosperity in your life.


- RG

Originally published at on January 11, 2021.



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