The Chasm Between Pandemic Winners and Losers

by Randy Gage

Posted By: Randy Gage / May 20, 2021

The culture wars are escalating, Covid-19 is wreaking havoc on us all, billions are disrupted by the mitigation efforts, political polarization is acute, economic disparity is stark, mind viruses are manipulating us to our lowest selves, and millions of people are either terrified of life, or just so over it all that they’ve checked out from reality.

We need you to save the world.

Not being grandiose or delusional, but in the very real sense that the world won’t be saved by some random event or a superhero with mystical powers — but by people of consciousness waking up to the dangers we face and stepping up to do something about them.

One of the elements of my Breakthrough U Coaching Program is a Brief I send out to the members each month. Because these members are thought leaders and agents of change, they have various platforms to make a difference. They’re an eclectic mix of political leaders, authors, corporate titans, bloggers, podcasters, speakers, and coaches. In the current Brief, I’m pointing out a number of critical situations the world is facing right now, encouraging them to harness their talents to address them.

Many of you reading this are also thought leaders and agents of change. So, I’m going to excerpt some of the issues from this month’s Brief to share with you — in the hope that you too, will work toward being an everyday hero working to make the world a better place for us all.

One of these critical issues challenging the world right now is the enormous chasm between winners and losers in the coronavirus pandemic…

Currently in Florida, my softball league is playing, people are watching movies in theaters, diners are sampling culinary delights, and fans are in the stadium cheering on the Marlins. Meanwhile, in places like Brazil, Nepal and India, Covid-19 patients are dying in hospital corridors or their homes because of a shortage of people or resources.

In the business arena, companies providing services like home delivery, streaming meetings, and entertainment are experiencing record profits. On the other side, millions of people have lost their jobs and businesses. Even as we recover, there is still great misfortune and distress.

At the moment the jobs which are rebounding are not at the levels of pay and grade as the ones eliminated. It’s easy to fall for hot takes like “The government is paying people to stay home. My uncle has a tavern, and he can’t find enough people to staff it,” but that exposes a bigger issue. Yes, McDonald’s and Taco Bell are hiring thousands of workers. But for the lady with three kids who used to be a manager at a retail store, or work at an accounting firm, the jobs coming online at the moment won’t solve her crisis. There are unpaid workers trapped on cruise ships floating at sea, shuttered artistic venues, single parents having to choose between work or taking care of their kids who aren’t in school, and charities desperate for resources. The human scale of suffering from the pandemic is a worldwide catastrophe. Because forget all of the previous items, here’s the one that matters most. Almost 3.5 million people have died. Many alone. The loved ones left behind, all of us, have been emotionally scarred for life.

Instead of dealing with these issues, millions of people are demonizing each other over mask wearing, mitigation attempts, and vaccinations. Maybe instead of judging and attacking everyone who has a different opinion than us, we could muster a little empathy and understanding.

What can be done to alleviate suffering, get people back to work, and better prepare us for the next pandemic when it arrives? And what can you do to help make the situation even a little bit better?


- RG

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Originally published at on May 20, 2021.



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