Tithing, Karma, and Payback

by Randy Gage

One of the fascinating beliefs of religion is the notion of how the actions you take (or don’t) influence the response you receive from the world around you. In the Bible there are unforgiving examples such as “an eye for an eye,” and beautiful ones such as the concept of tithing. Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Taoism, and Sikhism all speak of karma.

Tithing is thought of as giving back to the source of your spiritual nourishment. Karma is thought of as a rebirth in some faiths, while overall, most would think of it as an equation of how your actions impact your future.

As most readers know, I believe most religious dogma and doctrines are harmful, but believe we should strive to live a spiritual life. For those reasons, the concepts of both tithing and karma speak deeply to my soul.

I don’t view karma and tithing as precise arithmetic exchange. For instance, I’m not convinced in reincarnation, and doubt some of you are here paying penance for something you did in a previous lifetime. And I don’t think if you tithe 10 percent, the prosperity in your in your life increases by exactly 10 percent. I believe the equation is skewed: You can’t out-give the universe. The prosperity you circulate is magnified in return, so you receive disproportionately more back.

I don’t know all the science underlying it and doubt anyone really does. But drawing on physics, we do know that at its ultimate level, everything is energy vibrations. And we know energy can be attracted or repelled. This means that eventually the universe will always get its tithe or reward its karma. If that is the case…

Why not choose to act and tithe by choice in ways that produce the most prosperous outcomes?


- RG

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Originally published at https://www.randygage.com on April 5, 2020.



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Randy Gage


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