What Are You Doing to Make Your Life Miserable?

by Randy Gage

Posted By: Randy Gage / March 27, 2021

Many a reader has clicked off of my website or tossed aside one of my books because I revealed an uncomfortable truth to them. A frequent example is when I tell them that while there are random events…there are no random lives.

Manifesting the prosperity that is your birthright begins with actually believing you are worthy and deserving of it. You need an uncommon level of self-awareness to be mindful of, and then direct your thoughts. Most importantly, this means (here comes the hard part), you accept personal responsibility for living a prosperous life, and work as a co-creator to manifest it.

For most people, that co-creator part is when things begin to get spicy…

It’s a lot easier to escape personal responsibility if you can fob off your life as preordained by a supernatural entity. Or predetermined by an ecosystem dripping with systemic bias. Or simply blame all the bad shit on your vindictive ex, the faltering economy, or your cheap boss. We can no doubt find a lot of convincing evidence to indict the aforementioned suspects.

But let’s not overlook the other aspect…

If a meteorite lands on your Bentley Continental GT this week, that’s likely a random act. If a different meteorite parks on top of your Ferrari next week, and yet another pancakes your Lambo the following week — I’m going to go out on a limb and say you might be doing something to contribute to that.

You’re probably thinking, “Randy, you silly goose, I never want bad things to happen to me and I certainly wouldn’t do anything to cause them to happen!” Of course, you don’t and of course you wouldn’t. Consciously anyway. But subconsciously… you may be doing this on a daily (even hourly) basis. Really.

I’m no psychologist and certainly can’t tell you why you may be doing things that attract things you say you don’t want. But I can tell you why I contributed to attracting things I kept saying I didn’t want. (We covered this in today’s Prosperity Livestream. If you missed it, the replay will be up on Monday.)

First mistake I made was I was wearing poverty as a badge of honor.

I had unknowingly been indoctrinated with the mind virus that it was inherently virtuous, noble, even spiritual to be poor. And being a confused chap who had completely fucked up my life, I desperately (although subconsciously) wanted to be virtuous, noble, and spiritual.

My next (even worse) mistake was using poverty to wallow in victimhood.

At that point in my life, I was still an emotional cripple, unable to accept love. Instead, I substituted receiving attention and sympathy in its place. Subconsciously, I was constantly attracting disasters, calamities, injustice, illness, accidents and other misfortune, because these things provided me with an emotional payoff.

Victimhood is as addictive as crystal meth…

There can be a lot of rewards and payback for being a victim.

  • Some people need contrived drama to feel stimulated.
  • Some desperately crave attention and become professional victims in order to receive that attention.
  • Others are emotionally crippled as I was, unable to accept love. So, they replace it by manifesting situations that attract attention, sympathy, or pity.
  • Many people are infected with negative memes about money and success, so they subconsciously self-sabotage themselves in a futile attempt to feel worthy.
  • Others are infected with negative memes from organized religion and believe they are meant to suffer here, and only receive their reward in the afterlife. (Provided they suffer enough here.)

In each case, you are subconsciously contributing to attracting exactly the things you say you don’t want. You’re working consciously to create success and happiness, but subconsciously self-sabotaging yourself to create failure and misery.

You think you’re being victimized (and sometimes you are), but you are receiving rewards you perceive to be greater than your victimization. So, on a subconscious level, you take behaviors that attract more mayhem and misfortune into your life. Your life then spirals down to the desperation point. Ultimately, you’re forced to make a choice between becoming a professional victim — or becoming a victor.

Choose mindfully.


- RG

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Originally published at https://www.randygage.com on March 27, 2021.



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