Peru: Supporting Venezuelan migrants and refugees amidst coronavirus

With more than 160,000 coronavirus cases, Peru’s capital city of Lima is one of the hardest-hit urban centres in South America. Preventive lockdown measures have brought the informal economy to a halt and many have lost their jobs, plummeting them into poverty. © European Union, 2020 (photographer: S.Castañeda)
Back in Venezuela Jasmerlin was a teacher and helping her daughter achieve the best education possible has always been her priority. © European Union, 2020 (photographer: S.Castañeda)
In the poorest neighbourhoods of Lima, Peruvians spent the quarantine in small homes, often hosting numerous families left without any livelihood. © European Union, 2020 (photographer: S.Castañeda)
Jasmerlin starts cooking simple snacks that she can sell to her neighbours hoping to earn enough money to cover her family´s daily needs. © European Union, 2020 (photographer: S.Castañeda)
Teams from Action Against Hunger safely coordinate the delivery of hygiene kits to vulnerable Venezuelan refugees and migrants living in Lima. This distribution is part of a larger humanitarian intervention funded by the European Union. © European Union, 2020 (photographer: S.Castañeda)
EU-funded hygiene kits contain soap, toothpaste, hand sanitizers, gloves, masks and other tools to help families protect themselves from coronavirus. © European Union, 2020 (photographer: S.Castañeda)
Marylin reads a book in the courtyard of the Albergue Sin Fronteras, a shelter on the outskirts of Lima where she currently lives. © European Union, 2020 (photographer: S.Castañeda)
Thanks to EU funding, Action against Hunger makes sure that a network of shelters where Venezuelan refugees and migrants live receives food regularly for their guests. © European Union, 2020 (photographer: S.Castañeda)



Stories from the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department of the European Commission

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