How to Protest Surveillance Capitalism with Obfuscation

Image by Malachi Diaz

TrackMeNot: blending genuine and artificial search queries

AdNauseum: clicking all the ads

Swapping loyalty cards to interfere with shopping pattern data

Tor relays: requests on behalf of others that conceal personal traffic

FaceCloak: Hide your Facebook data from Facebook

Deny location requests.

Turn off your location for certain apps.

Disable your mobile ad ID.

Stop Google from storing your location.

Protection for protests IRL

  • Use a strong password and remove fingerprint unlock and Face ID.
  • Take photos/videos without unlocking your device.
  • Back up your data. If your device gets damaged, lost, stolen, or confiscated you will still have your data.
  • Wear nondescript clothing/cover identifying features. You’ll reduce the chances of identification through face and tattoo recognition technology.
  • Use airplane mode and turn off location services (see above). If you’re unfamiliar with the area download area maps and determine meeting spots ahead of time.

Choose privacy



We are constantly analyzed. The data we create every day is used against us in nefarious ways. Join the universal privacy protest of surveillance capitalism.

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