April 12, 2016

The video: 43-minute douche-athon, aka, Metal Resistance by Babymetal review featuring Digibro.

Stupid nickname at beginning: Senthony Paitano

Score: 6/10 (what a fucking shock)

Graphic Art: Absolute trash. The baby in Metalbaby covers up the metal. Resistance is then underlines, but not capitalized.

He’s so retardet.

Takeaway: Didn’t even bother to watch this thing. 43 minutes just to watch this melon hand out another 6? No thanks. And his guest’s name is Digibro. First off, grow up. Second off, you have a beard so your a douche automatically. Third off, fourth off.

Seriously, this is the kind of self-indulgence I’m talking about. He honestly thinks we have 43 minutes to waste about a Japanese metal band? No way, melon. You’ve brainwashed thousands, but not us.

#Resist #NotMyMusicReviewer

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