Protobuild now supports automated build scripts

You can now configure custom build logic for build servers with Protobuild, and have a single command you can run for all of your projects on the same build server.

To run an automated build script, invoke Protobuild with:

Protobuild.exe -automated-build

For this to work, you need to have an automated build script in your repository called ‘’ (it should reside in the same folder as Protobuild). Here is the automated build script we use for Protobuild itself:

Of course, many projects will have much simpler build scripts, but this demonstrates almost all of the functionality available in version 1 of the automated build script system, like the following:

We’ll be documenting all of the available commands in the near future on the Protobuild documentation.

This functionality is now available in the latest version of Protobuild, which you can download directly from: